A Comprehensive Guide to Attaining Permanent Residency in Canada

A Comprehensive Guide to Attaining Permanent Residency in Canada

Aug 9, 2023

Canada’s allure as a land of opportunity and diversity has attracted individuals from all corners of the world who dream of making it their home. Attaining permanent residency (PR) in Canada is a pathway to not only a better life but also a host of opportunities for personal and professional growth. If you’re considering embarking on this journey, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the ins and outs of attaining permanent residency in Canada, shedding light on the PR card, requirements, and much more.

Understanding Permanent Residency in Canada

Permanent residency, as the name suggests, allows you to live, work, study, or start a business anywhere in Canada without any time constraints. Unlike temporary residency, which comes with an expiration date, permanent residency is a lifelong commitment to Canada. It offers the same rights and responsibilities as a Canadian citizen, except for voting and holding some government positions.

Eligibility Criteria for Permanent Residency

Before diving into the application process, it’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria for obtaining permanent residency in Canada. The criteria vary based on the immigration program you choose, but some common factors include:

Educational Qualifications and Work Experience: Canada values skilled workers who can contribute to the country’s economy. Having relevant educational qualifications and work experience can boost your chances of being selected through the Express Entry system.

Language Proficiency:

Proficiency in English or French is a key requirement. You’ll need to take standardized language tests like IELTS or CELPIP to demonstrate your language skills.

Adaptability Factors:

Factors such as previous Canadian work or study experience, family connections in Canada, and arranged employment can add points to your application.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Permanent Residency

Express Entry System:

The Express Entry system is a popular pathway for skilled workers. It involves creating an online profile and entering the Express Entry pool. Your profile will be ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which considers factors like age, education, work experience, and language proficiency. If you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you can submit a complete application for permanent residency.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Provinces and territories in Canada have their own Provincial Nominee Programs. If you have skills that are in demand in a specific province, you can apply through its PNP. Getting a provincial nomination can significantly boost your CRS score and increase your chances of receiving an ITA.

Family Sponsorship:

If you have family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, they can sponsor you for permanent residency. This applies to spouses, common-law partners, dependent children, parents, and grandparents.

Permanent Residence Card

Similar to the renowned United States green card, Canada offers its own version known as the Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card. This card grants its holder the freedom to work and travel anywhere within Canada for an indefinite period. The process to obtain this card involves applying for permanent residency in Canada, and the PR Card serves as the official documentation confirming your status as a permanent resident.

To facilitate hassle-free travel, especially by plane, train, boat, or bus, it’s crucial to possess a valid PR Card or a permanent resident travel document (PRTD) when leaving and re-entering Canada. This card’s validity is pivotal upon your return to Canada, and it’s imperative to apply for renewal before its expiry.

The Role of PR Card in Your Residency Journey

The Permanent Resident (PR) card is your gateway to enjoying the benefits of living in Canada. It serves as an official identification document and is essential for re-entry into Canada if you travel abroad. Moreover, the PR card is required to access social benefits, obtain employment, and avail healthcare services.

Eligibility Criteria for PR Card

  • You must be a permanent resident of Canada.
  • Physical presence within Canada is mandatory.
  • You need to fulfill all residency requirements.

However, you won’t be eligible if:

  • You are under an effective removal order.
  • You are not a Canadian citizen.
  • You have been convicted of an offense related to PR Card misuse.

Advantages of Possessing a PR Card

Apart from the freedom to live, work, and travel within Canada, the PR Card carries several advantages. It facilitates family sponsorship, allowing you to reunite with your loved ones in Canada. Children can access the government-provided education until Grade 12, and the card enables you to avail universal healthcare services.

Additionally, if you or your spouse gives birth in Canada, your child will be granted Canadian citizenship. A PR Card earns you the designation of a landed immigrant, giving you the legal opportunity to establish and manage a business, be it as a franchisee, sole proprietor, partner, or corporation founder.

Key Points to Remember

  • PR Cards are typically issued for five years, though exceptions may apply.
  • Some instances might result in a one-year card issuance.
  • The card’s validity is linked to its expiry date.
  • PR Cards are dispatched within Canada.
  • Visiting a Canadian government office may be necessary to collect the card.
  • Errors on the card can be rectified through reissue.
  • New permanent residents receive their card through the immigration process.

Maintaining Your Permanent Residency Status

While the PR Card grants you the freedom to travel, it’s essential to maintain your permanent residency. This entails residing in Canada for a minimum of 730 days within a five-year period. These days need not be continuous and can be spread out. Failure to meet this requirement could result in the revocation of your permanent residency.

Upon re-entry, displaying your valid PR Card to the visa officer is mandatory. Therefore, it’s imperative to carry the card with you during your travels and keep it safe.

While obtaining permanent residency is a significant achievement, maintaining it requires adherence to certain rules:

Physical Presence Requirements:

To retain your permanent resident status, you must be physically present in Canada for a specified period. Failing to meet this requirement could lead to losing your PR status.

Renewing Your PR Card:

PR cards have an expiry date. To continue enjoying the privileges of permanent residency, you must renew your PR card before it expires. The renewal process involves submitting an application along with the necessary documents.


Acquiring permanent residency in Canada is a life-changing decision that opens doors to a wealth of opportunities. It’s a testament to Canada’s commitment to welcoming diverse talents and cultures. By understanding the eligibility criteria, exploring various immigration pathways, and obtaining your PR card, you can embark on a journey that offers stability, growth, and a brighter future in the Great White North. Whether you dream of pursuing higher education, advancing your career, or simply experiencing Canada’s natural beauty, the path to permanent residency awaits your determined steps.

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