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Which Canadian Visa is Right for You?

Which Canadian Visa is Right for You?

Oct 29, 2022

You will make the right decision if you are considering migrating to Canada. Despite being friendly and multicultural, Canada is a land of great opportunities. Each year Canada welcomes over 400,000 new immigrants by setting ambitious targets to allow aspiring candidates to make Canada their home.

Canada’s immigration system is highly dynamic, with over 100 immigration options. Students, skilled workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs can choose the right immigration pathway by consulting a knowledgeable immigration expert. Below, we summarize immigration options to help you make an informed decision.

Temporary visa for a short stay in Canada

Canadian temporary visa allows you to stay for a specific period as a visitor, worker, or student. You can become eligible for permanent residence, starting with a temporary visa for a student or worker. Most immigrants settle in Canada by using this approach.

Visitors to Canada must apply for the following visas depending upon the situation

  • Single Entry -You can visit Canada for a fixed period, which can be a maximum of six months. You must apply again if you leave Canada despite the validity of the visa and wish to revisit.
  • Multiple Entry – You can visit Canada several times over six months by getting a multiple entry visa. Unlike a single entry visa, you need not reapply for visiting again.
  • Super Visa -Parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents are eligible to apply for the Super Visa. It is valid for multiple-entry for ten years. The holders of the Super Visa can extend a single stay up to 24 months.
  • ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization is available for citizens of visa-exempt countries arriving in Canada by air. US citizens need not apply for ETA as they only need a US passport to visit Canada.

Study permits

Candidates should apply for study permits to pursue study programs with over six hours of duration. Aspiring students should receive a letter of acceptance from a designated institute to become eligible for a study permit.

The study permit is valid for the period of the study program. You may leave Canada after the expiration of a study permit or continue working through a Post-graduate Work Permit to become eligible for permanent residence.

Work permits

Work permit entitles the holders to live in Canada for the duration of the permit.

  • Post Graduation Work Permit – Foreign students can live and work in Canada after graduating in Canada. The validity period depends upon the length of the study program and can extend up to three years.
  • Open Work Permit – One can work anywhere in Canada for any employer by getting an Open Work Permit.
  • International Experience Canada – IEC is suitable for foreign workers from counties having a bilateral agreement with Canada. It comprises a Working Holiday Visa, Young Professional Visa, and International Co-op Internship.

Permanent Residents

Permanent Residence entitles you to stay permanently in Canada. The permanent residency status empowers you to work for any employer and bring the family to stay with you in Canada.

Express Entry

The Express Entry system is the most sought-after approach to becoming a Canadian permanent resident. It allows you to apply through four main immigration pathways. These include Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, and Canadian Experience Class.

Provincial Nominee Program

Individual immigration streams of different Canadian provinces are Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). Provincial nomination helps boost chances of Express Entry selection.

Quebec immigration

Quebec operates a separate selection system through its Arrima portal. The province provides an opportunity to immigrate through the Quebec Skilled Worker program, which does not mandate French language skills and a valid job offer.


You can become a Canadian permanent resident through sponsorship by your spouse, who is a Canadian permanent resident.


Canada enables immigrants to fulfill their Canadian dream by presenting a broad spectrum of immigration pathways. An established immigration consultant can help you navigate the system by assessing your situation and suggesting the right pathway.

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