Vancouver Immigration: 4 Ways to Move to Beautiful British Columbia

Vancouver Immigration: 4 Ways to Move to Beautiful British Columbia

Oct 11, 2022

Besides being among the top five global cities on the parameter of livability, Vancouver offers a moderate climate and stunning natural splendor with coastal views, mountain ranges, and a myriad of large trees. Several Chinese and South Asian communities make Vancouver a vibrant and multicultural city.

Vancouver is in a province we know as Beautiful British Columbia for obvious reasons. The dynamic city is a popular immigration destination. Here are four ways to settle in Vancouver, the multi-faceted bustling port town of Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker through Express Entry

It takes only about six months to become a Canadian Permanent Resident and enjoy the freedom of living and working in Vancouver by exploring the popular Express Entry pathway. Young skilled workers can hope to get permanent residence through the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category if they have a sound educational background and advanced language proficiency in English or French.

Express Entry online system randomly selects the top-ranking profiles of applicants who meet eligibility criteria for particular immigration pathways such as Federal Skilled Worker. The Canadian immigration authorities conduct regular Express Entry draws to invite candidates to apply for select immigration programs. The competitive selection is through an electronic system.

Choosing the Federal Skilled Worker pathway is a popular way of moving to Vancouver through the Express Entry system. You need not have Canadian work experience to qualify for FSW. Candidates applying for permanent residence from outside Canada prefer the Federal Skilled Worker program.

Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) nominates applicants for different immigration streams. Foreign workers or graduates from universities in British Columbia can become permanent residents by qualifying under the criteria of BC PNP. The program selects skilled workers as per the labor market demand.

Having a job offer from an employer in British Columbia qualifies you to get a work permit. It will help you stay in the province legally until the finalization of permanent residence. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program helps settle in Vancouver if you have an entrepreneurial experience under its entrepreneur stream.

Study in British Columbia

British Columbia is an excellent destination for studying, and Vancouver is home to the world’s top universities, like the University of British Columbia. Studying in British Columbia is a suitable option to move permanently to Vancouver.  

You can fulfill your Vancouver immigration aim by studying in British Columbia if you are not eligible to get an Invitation to Apply through the Express Entry system.

Pursuing and finishing a post-secondary study program in British Columbia offer two benefits. You become eligible to apply for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program and can score more points in the online Express Entry draw.

Working in Vancouver

There is a simple way of getting a Canadian work permit without needing to go through the complex Work Permit formalities like fulfilling eligibility criteria or LMIA approval. You can secure a work permit in Canada if your employer transfers you to a branch office in Vancouver. Try joining a company, having an office in Vancouver, and try getting a transfer by using your office contacts. Intra-office transfers are eligible for a work permit.  

Get enough Canadian work experience to become eligible for permanent residence through BC PNP or the Express Entry system.

If you are eligible to get a Canadian Work Permit, then working in Canada is the most helpful approach to settling in Vancouver. You must explore ways to get a job offer for a specialized position from a British Columbia employer with LMIA approval. The Labor Market Impact Assessment is a confirmation that filling up the job position will not impact Canada’s local job market.

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