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Things To Note Before Immigrating To Canada

Things To Note Before Immigrating To Canada

Aug 27, 2022

One of the safest and most amazing places to start a new happy life in Canada. So here are some essential factors you need to know before you immigrate to Canada.

Official languages

Canada has French and English as their official languages. They both are used interchangeably, English slightly more than French. But the official information given to the public will be in both languages.


Climate is one of the major factors you need to consider before immigrating. Canada has four seasons. The seasons also differ in some provinces. For example, if it rains in one province during the fall, the summer will start to cool down in some other provinces.

Healthcare policy of Canada

Canada has a public healthcare system. Every province has its public healthcare policies. For example, the healthcare policy of Alberta covers prescriptions, while Manitoba covers hearing aids but not physiotherapy.

The cost of living

When you migrate to Canada, analyze the cost of living in Canada and India. Though different provinces have different levels of expenses, the overall cost of living is a little higher compared to India. In addition, as the climates change, you’ll have to spend accordingly on heating or cooling systems.

Canada has a strong immigration rate

Canada is the best option to consider for permanent residence. In a year between 2021 and 2022, Canada offered permanent citizenship to nearly 210,000 permanent residents.


Canada has a lot to offer if you immigrate there to start your life anew. You can always contact Dev Immigration for professional assistance in getting your visa and immigrating to Canada.

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