Purpose of NOC Code

Purpose of NOC Code in Canada: Understanding the Significance

Purpose of NOC Code in Canada: Understanding the Significance

Oct 16, 2023

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) system plays an important role in classifying several occupations in Canada. NOC codes are alphanumeric designations that serve as a reference tool for policymakers, employers, and immigrants alike, and they are also assigned to particular job roles and industries. Understanding the NOC codes is crucial for immigrants and job seekers, as it helps them navigate the Canadian job market effectively. The purpose of NOC code in Canada is to categorize different occupations and give job seekers relevant employment opportunities depending on their skills and qualifications.

What is an NOC and Why is It Extremely Important?

NOC stands for National Occupation Classification Code, a unique code the Canadian government assigns to every occupation in Canada. This system classifies jobs based on the skills, the type of work performed, the skills, and the level of education and experience. The NOC system was first introduced in 1991 in Canada. It has been changed approx. four times since then, and the last update was in 2001.

Each change in the NOC code has reflected fluctuations in the Canadian labour market. For example, the NOC 2021 introduced new occupational groups for artificial intelligence or AI and cybersecurity. The purpose of the NOC code is to ensure that everyone understands the skills and training required for different jobs in Canada. If you have already immigrated to Canada and want to look for jobs as per your skills, find your National Occupation Classification (NOC) – Canada.ca.

Significance of NOC Codes

NOC codes are integral in the immigration process as the system helps Canadian immigration authorities analyze and determine the applicant’s work experience, qualifications, and eligibility for specific immigration programs. In addition, it is also important for the Express Entry system as this system selects the candidates for permanent residency status in Canada by determining their eligibility and ranking for immigration.

Employers use NOC codes to classify job positions perfectly by assessing the required skills and responsibilities and efficient workforce planning. Job seekers can identify employment trends, skill demands, and workforce dynamics with the help of NOC codes in Canada.

How NOC Codes Work

NOC codes contain a four-digit number followed by a letter, and every digit and letter represents particular elements, including job description, skill level, and industry classification. Individuals can determine the right NOC code for their occupation by understanding the purpose of NOC code. Apart from that, they can also research job descriptions and check the Canadian government website for step-by-step guidance.

Importance for Job Seekers

Job seekers can use NOC codes to analyze the relevant job listings which match their skills and qualifications. Also, they can ensure that they can align with the Canadian labour market’s specific demands by the NOC code. The job-seeking people can include NOC codes in their resumes to increase their chances and align their qualifications with job listings.

Importance for Employers

The importance of National Occupational Classification is paramount for Canadian employers because they can use NOC codes to identify qualified candidates and assess skill compatibility quickly. NOC codes are essential in labour market reporting and compliance because this system tracks employment trends by industry, occupation and region. It also develops labour market policies and programs and enforces labour market laws and regulations.

The Future of NOC Codes

In the future, NOC codes may evolve to accommodate emerging industries to reflect changes in the Canadian labour market. NOC codes may be added to reflect the potential changes. NOC will be more specific for different occupations in Canada. The changes will ensure that NOC codes will reflect the skills and training required for different occupations.

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Having in-depth knowledge about the purpose of NOC code in Canada will help job seekers to explore new opportunities in the Canadian job market. To learn more about NOC code, contact us at Dev Immigration Services INC.


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