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Dev Immigration is a private limited company inclusive of all administrators, representatives, legal heirs, and successors. This Privacy Policy is a statement of our continuous commitment to ensuring your privacy and securing your personal invitation.

This PRIVACY POLICY has data and information about our business website. To ensure that you have access to our services without any interruption, we may collect some information, and in some situations, we may also disclose some of this information. This policy helps explain the procedure we use to collect and disclose information and the choices you have about how your information is collected and used.


The writers/creators of this policy are referred to as We/Us/Ours/Us from here on.

The website’s legal users shall be hereafter referred to as You/Your/Yourself or simply the user.

In this document, ‘personal information’ refers to all the information that we collect or may collect from you.

In this document, ‘third parties’ refer to any individual/company/website different from the user and maker of this website.

Collection of Information

We are committed to ensuring the protection of your online privacy. We understand that your personal information is private, and the information you share with us must be appropriately protected. We may collect the following information:

Personal data includes Name, Job Title, Email Address, Mobile Number, Home Address, Demographic, and any other information required to provide our services.

Tracking information such as the IP address of your device or the ID when you are browsing the web

External Links

The website may have ads and hyperlinks that connect to external websites/content. We cannot control such external links provided by third parties other than us.

You agree and acknowledge that we will not be held responsible for collecting or disclosing your personal information by any such external resources. We also affirm that we will not approve or endorse any content/material available from such websites or resources.

You also agree that we shall not be held liable for any damage or loss incurred by you because of the collection and/or disclosure of your personal information by external websites or resources because of the trust you place on any ads or products made available on external websites or resources.

The external websites or resources may have their independent privacy policies related to the collection/use/disclosure of data, and you may be subject to the same policies. It is highly recommended that you visit the privacy policy page of these websites and review them.

Our Use of Your Information

We may use the information provided by you when you register with us. This may be done to contact you if needed. Our Terms of Service page has more details about the nature of such communications. We also wish to state that your personal/sensitive data may be collected and stored by us for our internal record. To do this and to identify you and get more detailed information about our demographics, we may use your tracking information such as IP addresses and/or Device ID.

In the event of any acquisition or merger of our company, we will be transferring the information obtained from you/disclosed by you to the new company. We shall notify you of such developments via email. A prominent development notification shall also be displayed on our website before your personal information is shared. It becomes subject to a Privacy Policy that could be different.

If we are acquired by any other company or merge with them, we may move information provided by you or about you to that company. In the event of a merger or acquisition, we shall notify you by email/by putting a prominent notice on the Website before Your Personal Information is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.


We use cookies and other similar data collection devices on specific pages of our websites. These are small files placed on your hard drive to help us provide customized services. Some of the features offered are available only through the use of a cookie. They help us with information which is related to your interests. Cookies also allow us to identify registered/logged-in users.

Some third-party vendors may use these cookies to post ads according to your visits to this website. You are at liberty to visit these third-party websites and opt-out of the use of cookies that are used for specific types of advertising if such an option is offered.

Our website has also activated Google Analytics Advertising. It allows Google to access data about visitors to our website and also allows them to advertise cookies and other identifiers. You are free to opt-out of this by using the Google Analytics opt-out option.


We regard your information as confidential and will not share the same with any third party unless we are legally bound to do so to any authorized persons or agency.

We will not share your personal information with any agencies from the marketing field or any organization known for its unsolicited communications.

Disclosure of Information To Third Parties

The existing regulatory situation does not make it possible for us to ensure that your personal information will not be disclosed in any way other than the ones we have mentioned in this Privacy Policy. We always adhere to industry-standard procedures and methods to keep your privacy protected. However, you may not anticipate that your personal information will stay confidential at all times.

External Service Providers:

Your use of our website is assisted by various external service providers. These are optional services that you may use. Still, in the course of doing this, if you have to disclose personal information to these external service providers, then their privacy policy will govern the use of your private information.

Other Corporate Entities:

Your personal information and much of our data may be shared with our parent or subsidiaries. They are also committed to serving your needs when you visit our website. Your personal information will be treated in the same manner as they will treat information obtained from others. In the event of a merger or acquisition of our business/subsidiary with other businesses, we would likely share some or all of your information to ensure continuity in our services. You shall be informed of any such event if it occurs.

Law and Order:

We always cooperate with inquiries coming from law enforcement agencies and other third parties entrusted with enforcing laws such as Intellectual Property Rights and frauds. We shall and upon your authorization, disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies and other government officials if we, in our discretion, believe that such actions are necessary to help investigate instances of fraud, Intellectual Property misuse, or any other activity that is not legal and may expose us to any legal liability.

Any party may possibly view the information you post publicly on our website. When you post such information, it is understood that your consent is given for sharing such information with outside parties.

Changing Your Profile or Reviewing It

You are allowed to change or review your profile submitted at the time of registration. However, your username will always remain the same. We provide you with the option of changing the information on our website. You can also email us to inform us about such changes. We shall also correct any information that you find incorrect or incomplete, or you want to remove from your profile.

However, the information shall be retained for reasons like disputes resolution and ensuring compliance with our terms and conditions.


We always treat data as an asset requiring the highest protection from unauthorized use and misuse. To achieve this, we use various techniques. We follow the methods accepted by industry standards to ensure the protection of personal information submitted on our website. However, some security breaches that are beyond our standard security procedures may happen, and you must be aware of this. Therefore the information you share is at your sole discretion and risk.


You agree to keep us indemnified from any suit or dispute you may have with any third party arising from sharing personal information by you to any third party either through our website or other resources. We will not accept any liability for any actions by any Third Parties about Your Personal Information.


Every paragraph of this Privacy Policy shall operate independently and separate from all other paragraphs except where the contrary is clearly stated. The decision that one or more of the privacy policy paragraphs are null and void will not affect the remaining paragraphs of this privacy policy.


Our Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time. We will keep you informed of any privacy policy changes on the homepage of our website or via email.

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