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Dev Immigration Services Inc. is a visa consulting firm of immense experience and reputation. Our clients rank us as the best in Canada. These are not mere claims. We have the stats to prove it. Our success rate stands at a whopping 98.23 percent!

Meet the RCICs Team

 A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) is a member in good standing with Canadian Government Authority called “College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)”. They are specially trained, qualified, and intimately familiar with Canadian immigration matters; provide advice and support to clients throughout the immigration process.

Vinay Chaudhary RCIC # R706870

Being an immigrant himself, Mr. Chaudhary values and understands the emotions associated with the dreams of attaining a valuable lifestyle, which is the driving force behind the decision of immigrating for most of us! Mr. Chaudhary, a proud Canadian relish to share real-life experience of a migrant life, guaranteeing you are well chalked out, assisted and ideal Pathway to a Successful Migration and Settlement in Canada! Mr. Chaudhary who adores meeting new people, reading books and spending fun filled time with friends and family, is experienced in various categories of Immigration ranging from Business, Inadmissibility, various Canadian PNP’s, Temporary Residency to Permanent Residency. Dev Immigration strives for client benefit.

Min Xie RCIC # R706460

Since obtaining her license to practice from CICC, she has used her experience and multilingual communication skills to assist clients of all nationalities with a variety of visa requirements such as study permits, work permits, visitor visas. Min's objective immigration advice helps her gain the trust and confidence of her client as she weighs up all the options available and helps select the one that will be of the greatest benefit to his client. What describes her the best is that she is a great listener, foodie, chocolatier, animal, and nature lover. During leisure, she loves meeting new people, listening music, gardening, and travelling.

Meenakshi Tyagi RCIC # R710661

Meenakshi Tyagi has a unique gift of effective intelligence, which allows her to use knowledge, experience, and expertise concerning Canadian immigration legislation and instructions to suit Dev Immigration client's needs. She is widely experienced and travelled, which makes her well-equipped to giving immigration advice, overcoming cultural, language, or gender barriers and specialize in all kinds of sponsorship applications such as spouse, parents & grandparents, child sponsorship. Having been through the immigration process, she understands the journey from both a client and a migrant perspective and loves helping others achieve the same goal.

Rajeev Gaur Business Development Officer - India

Rajeev Gaur is a professional civil engineer with exposure to diverse fields and businesses. Those interested in becoming an immigration professional or consultant can connect with Rajeev, join the Dev Immigration team, and gain hands-on experience in various immigration processes. Rajeev Gaur has helped many people achieve their dream of crafting a career in the field of immigration.

Sherry Nassrin Business Development Manager - Iran

Sherry, our dedicated Operations Manager from Canada, renowned for her expertise in guiding families to discover their true paths. Beyond her managerial duties, Sherry's passion lies in assisting families on their journey towards fulfillment. With a proven track record in providing support during life's pivotal moments, she brings a compassionate touch and valuable insights to our team. Sherry's mission is to foster meaningful connections and offer unwavering support throughout the process. Join Sherry as she leads the way, helping you navigate towards your goals with sincerity and care.

Pamela Dhawan Immigration Assistant

Pamela has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and Immigration Consultant Diploma Program from CDI College and has a keen interest to extend her knowledge for the support of new Canadians. Fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi Pamela supports the work of our RCIC’s, helps clients with translation, manages passports, appointments, client documents, internal administration tasks and keeps the team on track. Pamela is also an active volunteer in the community. She has contributed for community outreach and cultural diversity through Hindu Society of Saskatchewan and India-Canada Cultural Association (ICCA). Currently, she is a board member of ICCA as treasurer.

Usha Rathi Executive Administrator

Usha is the first face you will usually see as first point of contact into the Dev Immigration Services office. From reception, meeting room availability to phone queries and ensuring availability of amenities, Usha looks after many aspects of daily functioning of the business. She has a background in Administration & Customer service and enjoys being in a position where she can help others. Outside of work, Usha lives a balanced lifestyle of exercising and healthy eating but loves binging on her favourite shows on streaming services, with a particular love for everything horror! She has 12-year-old daughter and loves spending time with her.

Dev Immigration Services Inc. has emerged as the most dependable one-stop solution for all your visa and immigration needs. With our unmatched expertise, we know how to guide you at every step to help you achieve your immigration goals and dreams.


Our Team provide the following immigration-specific services:

  • Visit Visa: We can arrange your travel to any part of the world for business or leisure
  • Study Visa: You can fulfill your dream of studying in leading and globally-acclaimed universities
  • Work Visa: We make it easy for you to work and stay in your favorite city/country
  • PNPs Program: Choose us and become a Permanent Resident of Canada by selected in your favorite Canadian province with all the benefits.
  • Immigration: We are experts in immigration-specific solutions and can help resolve all your visa and immigration needs
  • Profile Evaluation: We advise on a client’s best-suited visa based on the unique profile and history.
  • Professional Guidance: We prepare you for success in the visa and immigration process by helping you understand every stage of the process.
  • Dedicated Consultant: Our personal assistance solutions include providing a dedicated officer who will act as a single contact point between you and the company at every step.
  • Post-Landing Solutions: We will stay with you even after you have received the visa and cleared the immigration steps successfully. We will help you settle down smoothly in the country/province of your choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to start a new life in Canada. Make your journey to Canada easier, safer, and faster with Dev Immigration Services Inc.

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