Employment among Immigrants Continues to Rise in Canada

Employment among Immigrants Continues to Rise in Canada

The data from Statistics Canada reveals growth in the number of immigrants bagging full-time jobs despite the steady unemployment rate. 

The October 2022 Labor Force Survey data from Statistics Canada is out. The unemployment rate is steady at 5.2 percent, same as the September 2022 figure. The main sectors witnessing employment growth are construction, accommodation, manufacturing, and food services. The private sector is a leading contributor to employment in Canada.

Immigrants emerge are the principal beneficiaries of employment growth

 Immigrants account for over 32 percent of Canada’s population, as per the 2021 census data. The immigrant population comprises foreign-born individuals who live in Canada on temporary visas or as permanent residents.

The employment rate of immigrants is over 70 percent, which is greater than the pre-pandemic level in October 2019. A noteworthy increase in the employment of immigrants in the last five years is apparent. Six out of ten immigrants over fifteen years of age have jobs.

The proportion of full-time employment is noteworthy 

The October 2022 data by Statistics Canada confirms a significant gain in full-time jobs with a relative reduction in part-time positions. The full-time employment accounted for 119,000 jobs driving the growth in the full-time job category.

Most employees receive higher compensation

Over 60 percent of employees working for their employers for more than a year receive higher wages than the previous year. Wage growth was perceptible in the healthcare, social services, accommodation, and agricultural sectors.

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