Canada Welcomed a Record-breaking Number of Permanent Residents in 2022

Canada Welcomed a Record-breaking Number of Permanent Residents in 2022

Breaking all previous records, Canada welcomed over 430,000 permanent residents in 2022.

According to the announcement by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Canada achieved the highest-ever target of welcoming 430,000 permanent residents in 2022. IRCC broke its 2021 record of permitting 401,000 permanent residents and touched the 2022 target of welcoming 431,645 permanent residents, the highest ever in Canadian immigration history.

Immigration Minister, Hon. Sean Fraser described the achievement as a new milestone highlighting the strength and spirit of the country and its people. He emphasized the role of newcomers in strengthening communities and filling the labor market gaps to improve Canada’s economy. Immigrants bring talent and new perspectives.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) dispensed 5.2 million applications in 2022, spanning citizenship, permanent residence, and temporary residence categories. It is twice the number of applications IRCC processed in 2021.

Streamlining of the application processing system, digitization, and adoption of innovative technologies are a few reasons for IRCC’s ability to process a record number of applications. The current backlog of applications stands at 1.09 million. The government supported the IRCC by committing $50 million to deal with the mounting application backlog.

Canada sets ambitious immigration targets

The new Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25 highlights Canada’s resolve to boost immigration through ambitious targets. The following factors explain the significance of immigration for Canada’s overall growth.

Immigration is the main driver of Canada’s labor force growth

Nine million Canadians will approach retirement by 2030

Worker-to-retiree ratio to touch 2:1 by 2035

Immigration is crucial for Canada’s population growth because of its extremely low birth rate (1.4 children /woman)

The Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25 sets the tone for increasing the immigrant population in the coming years by welcoming 500,000 new permanent residents annually. Canada plans to bring 465,000 new permanent residents in 2023. At this rate, immigrants will contribute to 36% of Canada’s population by 2036.

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