Canada Urged to Modernize Immigration Services to Address Labor Shortages

Canada Urged to Modernize Immigration Services to Address Labor Shortages



Canada has been urged to introduce more streamlined and digital immigration services to tackle its housing crisis and labor shortages. 

According to a Deloitte report titled ‘Strengthening Canada’s Labor Market,’ rising living costs and housing affordability issues deter foreign nationals, who often choose the United States.

The Deloitte report, part of ‘The Future Role of Government’ series, highlights the economic impact of these barriers. 

The United States attracts and retains talent through a larger economic market, robust start-up ecosystem, educational opportunities, and favorable immigration policies like the H-1B and O-1 visas.

The report recommends that Canada streamline its immigration processes and make them more accessible online to remain competitive. The process is cumbersome, with limited government resources for administration. 

Deloitte suggests implementing a secure, equitable, inclusive, and transparent digital immigration experience.

In addition to digitizing immigration programs, the report proposes creating an online platform to connect newcomers and refugees with support systems.

Statistics Canada data highlights the importance of immigration in resolving labor shortages. Over the past two years, unfilled jobs have decreased by 39.7 percent, from 990,900 in the second quarter of 2022 to 597,725 by March 2024. 

Dan Kelly, president and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, stresses that economic immigration is crucial to Canada’s success. Immigrants can gain permanent residency through programs like the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade, and Provincial Nominee Programs, among others.

Canada’s aging population makes immigration essential for maintaining a growing labor force. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada notes that welcoming immigrants is vital for helping employers find qualified workers and sustaining economic growth. 

Streamlining and digitizing immigration services could help Canada attract skilled workers to address labor shortages effectively.

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