Canada Top the List of the World’s Ten most Liveable Cities

Canada Top the List of the World’s Ten most Liveable Cities

The latest report by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) features three Canadian cities among the top 10 most liveable cities in the World.  

The Economist Group’s Research and Analysis Wing publishes a report on the most liveable cities each year. It ranks the World’s 173 countries by assessing various parameters like healthcare, stability, infrastructure, and education.

The 2022 edition of Global Liveability Ranking observed that three Canada is the dominating country in the list as three Canadian cities found their place among the top ten cities. Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto haven 4th, 5th, and 8th positions correspondingly.

The major highlights of the top Canadian cities are:

All three Canadian cities scored perfect 100 on the parameters of healthcare and education 

All three Canadian cities are the best global destinations for education, having the World’s top-ranking universities

Notably, the US News and World Report 2022 places Canada as the number one country where people prefer to live. The factors like high living standards and high-tech industries are driving Canada’s popularity as the best destination for immigrants.

The report appreciates Canada’s potential to attract global investment, travel, and trade to boost the economy. It explains why Canada is the number one country for immigration. The Canadian passport ranks 7th among the most powerful passports on the globe. Canada consistently features among the best countries in the World for attributes of Quality of Life, agility, and entrepreneurship.   

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