Canada Restricts Flagpoling at 12 Border Crossings

Canada Restricts Flagpoling at 12 Border Crossings



Canada has announced restrictions on flagpoling at 12 specific border crossings. Flagpoling is a process where individuals with temporary residence permit in Canada exit and re-enter the country within 24 hours to access same-day immigration services.

Flagpoling is typically performed at designated land border crossings marked by flagpoles and allows expedited immigration services. The process, though legal, has faced criticism in both the US and Canada. 

According to CBC News, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) limits this practice to 12 entry points.

The CBSA stated that this decision aims to improve efficiency during peak travel times, enabling officers to focus on high-priority tasks such as trade facilitation, processing high-risk travelers, and handling asylum seekers. 

Flagpoling allows temporary residents to bypass long wait times for services such as work and study permit renewals, temporary resident status extensions, and permanent resident (PR) confirmation. Instead of waiting for months, individuals can often be processed in less than 30 minutes at the border.

Flagpoling is particularly popular among study and work permit holders looking to renew their permits and temporary residents seeking to validate their PR status. By traveling to a U.S. border point and returning to Canada, these individuals can complete their immigration processes more quickly than traditional application methods.

Despite the quick processing at the border, the logistics of flagpoling – such as travel and waiting in line – can be challenging. Those living near the border with access to a vehicle find it easier, but it remains a time-saving alternative to lengthy Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) processing times.

Upon arrival at U.S. border control, individuals should inform customs agents of their intent to flagpole. They will be issued a slip for administrative refusal to the U.S., after which they can proceed to Canadian border control for processing.

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