Canada reduces Immigration Backlog to 2.4 Million People

Canada reduces Immigration Backlog to 2.4 Million People

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reported a considerable reduction in the immigration backlog of temporary residence applications. There is a minor increase in the backlog of permanent residents.

The data on the backlog of immigration applications as of Nov 3, 2022, shows a drop in the number of immigration applications. The number of pending applications for the July 15-17 period was 2,679,031. It stands at 2,411,388 on Nov 3, 2022.

These are the current inventories of immigration applications for different immigration programs:

Temporary residence backlog – 1,573,566 applications

Permanent residence backlog- 506,421 applications

Citizenship backlog- 331,401 applications

The number of temporary residence applications in the backlog reduced to 1,537,566 on Nov 3 from 1,651,649 on Oct 3. 

There is a slight increase in the permanent residence inventory from 505,562 on Oct 3 to 506,421 on Nov 3. The backlog of applications for citizenship reduced to 331,401 from 351,964 as of Oct 3.

There are different service standards to process the applications under individual immigration programs. The service standard to process permanent residence applications is up to six months for candidates using the Express Entry system. Applications for economic class immigration require longer than six months. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) include applications that remain out of service standards in the backlog.

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