British Columbia Expects One Million Job Openings by 2033

British Columbia Expects One Million Job Openings by 2033

A recent Labor Market Outlook report by British Columbia projects one million open positions for its workforce in the next decade.

The 10-year projection by the Labor Market Outlook forecasts British Columbia’s in-demand careers over the next ten years. It also projects industry sectors hiring candidates besides skills training and education.

Close to nine million Canadians are due for retirement by 2030. The latest Labor Market Outlook report suggests a significant population of retiring workers in British Columbia will create 65 percent of new job openings. British Columbia will add the remaining 35 percent of job positions by creating 345,000 jobs by expanding the existing workforce. 

The province will require 3.1 million workers to support its provincial workforce needs.

The Labor Market Outlook highlights a 46 percent contribution by new immigrants to the labor force, showing a 25 percent growth in the previous year’s report. British Columbia expects to welcome over 470,000 immigrant workers by 2033. The figure includes temporary and permanent residents.

Most new job openings will mandate post-secondary training or education. Aspiring immigrants should aim for higher educational credentials to improve their profiles. They must explore various provincial immigration pathways under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP).

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