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Moving To Canada Makes Sense For Indians

Moving To Canada Makes Sense For Indians

Aug 27, 2022

In 2021, a whopping 405,000 immigrants were welcomed by Canada. Under the Temporary Work Permit, 10,000 Indians immigrated, while under International Mobility Program, 130,000 immigrated with work permits.

Approximately one-third of the immigrants are of Indian roots. And of the 450,000 international students, nearly 50 percent of the students are from India. Moreover, the percentage of Indians immigrating to Canada is steadily rising.

The factors that make Canada the best choice for Indians

In certain countries, the permanent resident pathways are not always open for many candidates. Canada, on the other hand, has made some policy modifications that benefit Indians.

At an international level, Indians have the required eligibility to apply like education, language skills, strong settlement funds, and good work experience. These are the basic requirements for approving the visa.

Express Entry Program

The IRCC brought forth the Express Entry in 2015. Your ranking will be based on the Comprehensive Ranking System. You will be invited to apply for permanent residence if your rank is high.

The Student Direct Stream

The SDS provides an accelerated study program if you are an eligible Indian. It has a high rate of acceptance than the usual study permit program. In addition, the Post-Graduation Work Permit gives you an advantage in Provincial Nominee Program.


Canada has a significant level of Indian culture and diaspora. As there are no COVID restrictions, you can apply for permits. Dev Immigration can help you through the entire process and get the right visa permit.

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