Working in Québec

Working in Québec

Thanks to the rich cultural heritage and French language, Quebec has a unique position in the immigration landscape of Canada. Quebec has special rules to select immigrants who will not find any difficulty adapting to living there.

Any individual planning to work in Quebec as a Temporary Skilled Worker should meet all federal requirements before obtaining an Acceptance Certificate or CAQ (Certificat d’acceptation du Québec).

One needs to submit the CAQ to the Canadian Government to secure a work permit. Those who are considering LMIA-exempt jobs may not require an Acceptance Certificate (CAQ).

There are various options to work in Quebec like:

  • Quebec Temporary Worker Program
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Quebec Experience Class Program

Get in touch with an experienced immigration consultant to find various options for working in Quebec.

Quebec Temporary Worker Program

In most cases, an employer will assist the foreign worker who is eligible to work in Quebec. Employers may need to meet the requirements of LMIA and obtain Labor Market Opinion. The LMO is a verification to allow the employer to fill the position with a foreign worker.

You must not leave your present job, take out travel insurance, or purchase plane tickets before securing the mandatory authorization to enter and work temporarily in Quebec. Obtain CAQ, LMIA, and the Canadian embassy’s authorization letter before taking any definitive steps. Note the following steps that offer a brief understanding of the steps to work in Quebec temporarily:

  1. Knowing about critical aspects of temporary work in Quebec and adapting to life in Quebec.
  2. Immigration plans to work in Quebec will start taking shape after receiving a job offer from an employer in Quebec. Getting all types of authorizations to live in Quebec is a vital step. You should also find how your employer is facilitating your work in Quebec.
  3. Making preparations to stay in Quebec
  4. Obtain new work authorization if your employer plans to offer a work extension or you are willing to change an employer.
  5. Submit an immigration application to facilitate your permanent stay if you desire so.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

The province enables individuals to settle permanently by offering the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, a vital immigration pathway of Quebec. Your selection for QSWP is subject to the following:

  • Personal profile
  • Family details like a spouse, number of children, etc
  • Ties with Quebec
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • French and English language proficiency
  • Stay and family in Quebec
  • Valid job offer
  • Level of financial independence

The Quebec Immigration selection assigns points to every factor mentioned above to determine eligibility. Scoring a minimum of 50 points is mandatory for single applicants, and a minimum score of 59 points if the applicant is with a spouse or common-law partner.

Quebec Experience Class Program

Quebec Experience Class program is a unique fast-track immigration pathway for foreign nationals who have studied in Quebec or foreign nationals with Quebec work experience. You should first obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) before applying for the immigration under Quebec Experience Class program.

  • A temporary foreign worker is eligible to obtain Quebec Selection Certificate if they:
  • Lived in Quebec temporarily
  • Have an intention to settle with a job in Quebec
  • Have a full-time work experience of at least 12 months
  • Hold a legal status of being a Temporary Worker under Youth Exchange Programs
  • Are employed while applying for
  • Can prove French language proficiency through successful completion of French course from a Quebec educational institution

Dev Immigration Services Inc helps individuals explore new horizons by offering resourceful services and assistance to immigrate, study, and work in Quebec. Contact us today to know your options.


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