Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa

Young foreign nationals between the ages of 25 and 35 can aspire to come to Canada to gain international exposure. The International Experience Class program offers the category of Working Holiday to young citizens of select countries to seek temporary employment in Canada.

Foreign nationals can obtain an open work permit for the duration of 12 months to 24 months. The Open Work permit under the Working Holiday category allows foreign nationals to work for Canadian employers.

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Working holiday- gain a valuable international work experience

Young citizens of participating countries in the International Experience Class program can work for a Canadian company and enrich their work profile. Applicants should have a valid job offer or a signed contract from any Canadian employer. The occupation in the job offer should be relevant to the professional qualification of the foreign national who is applying for an open work permit under the Working Holiday category of IEC.

The following foreign nationals from participant countries can benefit from the Working Holiday Visa:

  • Proposes to earn to travel
  • Has no job offer
  • Willing to work for multiple Canadian employers
  • Ready to work in several locations

Note the following requirements of the IEC program that apply to Working Holiday:

  • Citizen of one of the participating countries
  • Validity of passport should cover the entire duration of stay in Canada
  • Age between 18 to 35 (The upper age limit may be country-specific)
  • Having $2500 to cover expenses upon landing in Canada
  • Having health insurance covering the stay
  • Should satisfy admissibility criteria
  • Able to make provisions for the return journey

How to apply

Submit an IEC profile by expressing interest in Working Holiday if you are eligible for the IEC program. The selection of candidates is through a random method with multiple rounds of invitations. The candidate receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) if selected. The candidate should accept the ITA within ten days and apply for an Open Work Permit within twenty days. Attaching all necessary documents and evidence is a must to avoid refusals.

Following are the participant countries with the duration of the Working Holiday under the IEC program.

Country Duration of Working Holiday
Australia Up to 24 months
Austria Up to 12 months
Belgium Up to 12 months
Chile Up to 12 months
Costa Rica Up to 12 months
Croatia Up to 12 months
Czech Republic Up to 12 months
Denmark Up to 12 months
Estonia Up to 12 months
France* Up to 24 months
Germany Up to 12 months
Greece Up to 12 months
Hong Kong Up to 12 months
Ireland Up to 24 months
Italy Up to 12 months (of which up to six months may be paid employment)
Japan Up to 12 months
Korea Up to 12 months
Latvia Up to 12 months
Lithuania Up to 12 months
Mexico Up to 12 months
Netherlands Up to 12 months
New Zealand Up to 23 months
Norway Up to 12 months
Poland Up to 12 months
Portugal Up to 12 months
San Marino Up to 12 months
Slovakia Up to 12 months
Slovenia Up to 12 months
Spain Up to 12 months
Sweden Up to 12 months
Switzerland N/A
Taiwan Up to 12 months
Ukraine Up to 12 months
United Kingdom Up to 24 months

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