Post-Graduation Work Permit

Post-Graduation Work Permit

Canada offers a broad spectrum of opportunities to retain international students by encouraging them to work and stay in the country after graduation. Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) is one of the initiatives by the Canadian Government to help students find work during the course duration. A reputed immigration consultant service can be of great help if you are willing to get PGWP.

Postgraduate students can enrich their careers by acquiring professional work experience in Canada. Most immigration programs in Canada are suitable for students or individuals with Canadian work experience. Post Graduate Work Permit is the most vital resource to explore multiple avenues to secure permanent residency in Canada.

Key highlights of PGWP

The duration of the Post Graduate Work Permit can be between eight months and three years. A PGWP cannot have a validity period longer than the course duration if the course duration is less than two years. You can be eligible to get a PGWP if your physical participation in the study program is over fifty percent of the study program’s duration. PGWP entitles the students to an open work permit. They are at liberty to work anywhere in Canada for any employer.

PGWP will be equivalent to the entire duration of the course despite completing an accelerated or part-time study program. One cannot apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit if the course duration is less than eight months. There are several eligibility criteria to get PGWP. Choose the right study program by knowing these conditions.

Important criteria for eligibility

All international students above eighteen years of age having completed a study program in Designated Learning Institutions are eligible to apply for PGWP. The study program should be more than eight months of duration. Following study programs qualify the international student to apply for Post Graduate Work Permit:

  • Study programs that offer vocational training
  • Study programs that confer professional qualification
  • Study courses that offer academic qualification

These study programs may lead to a degree, diploma, or certificate in respective fields of education. The graduation must be granted by any one of the following institutions having a DLI status:

  • A university
  • Technical training school or trade
  • A college
  • CEGEP in Quebec

Private schools in Canada that are allowed to award Doctorate, Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Associate degrees that have provincial authorization

IRCC mandates fulfillment of some additional criteria for students of study programs in Quebec.

The validity period of PGWP

Usually, the validity period of a Post Graduate Work Permit is from eight months to three years, depending upon the length of the study program in a Designated Learning Institute. You may find the following guidelines useful for a basic understanding.

  • Study course that is less than eight months duration– Does not qualify for the PGWP.
  • The study program is more than eight months but less than two years– The validity period of PGWP will be the same as that of the study course. The PGWP will be valid for 16 months if the study program is of 16 months duration.
  • A study program is more than two years– Validity of PGWP will be of three years.
  • Multiple study programs– Students can merge the period of two or more study programs if every individual course is not less than eight months and offered by a DLI. The total period determines the validity of your PGWP.

Timelines for PGWP application

One must obtain an official letter and a transcript from the relevant Designated Learning institute. The letter and the transcript must confirm the fulfillment of the program requirements. Submission of these documents should be within 180 days from the date of receipt for applying to get a Post Graduate Work Permit.

Fulfilling all eligibility criteria and timelines is vital if you are willing to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit. Dev Immigration Services Inc can provide proper guidance and support. Contact us without losing valuable time to fulfill your aspirations to study, work, and settle in Canada.


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