Open Work Permit

Open Work Permit

Canada offers multiple work permit options for qualified workers from across the world.

What exactly is an open work permit in Canada?

An open work permit does not require you to specify any particulars of the job you will be doing in Canada. Hence, you won’t be required to:

  1. a) Obtain from the Employment and Social Development Canada, a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) report
  2. b) Provide any evidence showing that your employer submitted an employment offer to you via the Employer Portal after fulfilling the necessary compliances.

Generally, applicants are required to pay the fee for open work permit holder along with the fee for the standard work permit that every immigrant worker has to pay.

NOTE: Due to the pandemic, there are some restrictions and exemptions for immigrant workers that you must comply with as applicable.

Who is eligible for a Canadian open work permit?

There are a number of conditions under which you will be able to qualify for a Canadian open work permit. If you are:

  • A holder of the Canadian temporary resident permit
  • A participant in certain special socio-economic programs
  • Facing an unenforceable removal order
  • A registered refugee or claim to be one or a family member of refugees based in Canada or an individual qualifying for protection under refugee or displaced persons rights
  • The spouse or common-law partner of an Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program applicant
  • The spouse or common-law partner of a skilled worker or international student
  • A dependent family member of a Canadian permanent residence applicant
  • An applicant for permanent residence in Canada
  • A holder of temporary Canadian resident permit
  • A holder of any Canadian employer-specific work permit, who is facing discrimination
  • An international student who is not able to meet the cost of studies

Conditions under which you can get a work permit

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations has a number of regulations of which, the one that provides a list of the conditions that may be included in your work permit is Regulation 185. In fact, some of these conditions will be mentioned on your Canadian work permit itself. These are:

  • The types of work that you are allowed to do in Canada
  • The types of Canadian employers that you can work for
  • The specific places in Canada where you can work
  • The length of time that you can work in Canada

All the open work permit holders in Canada must abide by certain standard conditions that specify what work they can do and in which places/regions. Despite the fact that your work permit may or may not specify all or some of these conditions, you need to avoid:

  • Working for establishments where the chances of sexual exploitation are high, e.g. massage parlors, strip clubs, escort agencies, and some others
  • Overstaying in Canada beyond the length of time that you are authorized to stay in this country

Evaluating your Canada employment options

Canada offers a vast assortment of work opportunities for foreign nationals. Working in Canada is a gratifying experience because of the high standards of safety at workplaces. You can boost your career growth and enhance your professional development by choosing Canada as your final destination to work and immigrate permanently.

Dev Immigration Services Inc facilitates your employment search and helps you evaluate different options of finding work in Canada. We can also guide you about acquiring appropriate work authorizations. Contact us to know more about Canadian work permits and immigration options.


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