LMIA Exempt Work Permits

LMIA Exempt Work Permits

In most cases, a Canadian employer can hire foreign workers subject to a positive Labor Market Inspection (LMIA) report. However, thanks to the International Mobility Program (IMP), employers can leverage the program to hire foreign workers without an LMIA report. The International Mobility Program allows LMIA exempt work permits. LMIA exemption safeguards Canada’s diverse interests in the social, cultural, and economic sectors.

What is LMIA exemption?

LMIA exempt foreign workers must obtain an appropriate work permit for all categories of occupations in the list of LMIA exemptions by the International Mobility Program. It will facilitate legal permission to work in Canada. International Mobility Program covers the following three streams to enable employers to hire foreign workers without applying for LMIA.

  • Significant benefits – Social and cultural benefits can influence exemption from LMIA requirements if the concerned visa officer perceives such advantages.
  • Reciprocal employment – LMIA exemption through reciprocal benefits is available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Foreign workers enjoy LMIA exemption in Canada if similar benefits are available to Canadians in other countries.
  • Charity and religion-related work – LMIA exempt work permits are also allowed to individuals working for charitable or religious objectives.

An employer can hire a foreign worker by taking advantage of International Mobility Program by following the three steps as under:

  • Provide proof that the position is eligible for LMIA-exemption
  • Payment of $230 towards employer compliance fee
  • Using IMP’s portal for the submission of the official job offer

A foreign worker will be able to apply for the relevant work permit after completing these steps by the employer.

LMIA exemption for significant social and cultural benefits

The record of the foreign national can be a suitable indicator to assess the individual worker’s contribution to Canada. It is established by submitting relevant information and documents. Besides this, a foreign national can also demonstrate the significance of work through some of the following types of recognitions:

  • Academic record to prove the ability
  • Experience certificates from the present or past employers
  • Evidence of awards or patents
  • Proof of scholarly work
  • Significant role in a reputed organization

Following LMIA exemptions are also available under the significant benefits:

  • Private entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurs who wish to come to Canada to operate a temporary business can avail of LMIA exemption. They must demonstrate that their business will contribute significantly to Canada’s social or cultural domain.
  • Transfers within the organization – An individual will be able to avail of LMIA exemption if there is a transfer within the organization from another country to Canada.
  • Academics– Individuals doing some research or development work or discharging duties of associate professor or lecturer.
  • Admission through International Agreements – Canada welcomes foreign workers under various international agreements being a signatory country.

Some of the international agreements that offer LMIA exemption are:

  • General Agreement on Trade in Service
  • Canada – Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • Canada – Chile Free Trade Agreement
  • Canada – European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
  • North American Free Trade Agreement

LMIA exemption- charity and religion associated work

LMIA exemption is available to some charitable workers if the nature of their work relates to education advancement, poverty relief, and so forth. Being associated with a charity organization in Canada registered under Canada Revenue Agency will help avail LMIA exemption.

Religious work

Duties that involve the propagation of religious teaching can help individuals obtain LMIA exemption. The LMIA exempt category expects the individual to work for an appropriate religious objective.

Most LMIA exempt applications belong to categories of Significant Benefits and International Agreements. Consulting an expert immigration counselor helps you understand various options. Dev Immigration Services Inc has proven expertise in helping job aspirants obtain work permits with no hassles. Contact us today to find more.


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