International Experience Class (IEC)

International Experience Class (IEC)

The International Experience Class (IEC) is a suitable program for foreign nationals between the age of 18 years and 35 years to help them work temporarily in Canada. The program aims to allow foreign workers to work in Canada from 36 countries participating in bilateral youth mobility programs. The reciprocal agreements also allow Canadian candidates to work in these countries as per the bilateral agreements.

The candidates who apply for a Canadian Work Permit under the IEC program can do so without Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) restrictions. Getting in touch with an experienced immigration expert will help you understand different options and the application process.

Brief highlights of IEC

International Experience Class applicants need to go through a randomized draw system for approval. The probability of success is subject to the individual quota of every country for a particular program. Understanding the specific requirements is necessary as there are three different categories of the IEC program.

These are:

  • Working Holiday Program
  • Young Professionals Program
  • International Co-op Internship Program

One should note that all participating countries may not offer all three options to their qualifying citizens while applying for the IEC program. Availability of the number of categories may depend upon the mutual relations between Canada and a specific country.

IEC program eligibility criteria

The foreign national should not be more than 35 years of age while obtaining a temporary work permit under the International Experience Class program. Moreover, the candidate should be a citizen of one of the 36 participating countries. Following are general requirements to be an eligible applicant of the IEC program:

  • Must be a citizen of one of the 36 participating countries
  • Should hold a valid passport for the entire duration of stay
  • Should be between 18 and 35
  • Have health insurance coverage
  • Possess $ 2,500 to manage expenses
  • Able to pay for the return ticket or have a round-trip ticket

You may access the website of Immigrants, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to get the details of requirements about participating country’s program.

Working Holiday Visa

It is an ideal category of the International Experience Class program for foreign nationals of participating countries who look forward to the flexibility of working for any Canadian employer since the open work permits of the IEC program are not employer-specific. Moreover, individuals are free to change employers and locations as per their wishes. The Working Holiday Visa is suitable if the individual candidate:

  • Does not have a job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Wants to enjoy the freedom of working with multiple employers
  • Wants to work and live in more than one location
  • Wants to earn while traveling across Canada

Young professionals

Young professionals is an appropriate program for individuals who wish to work for a Canadian employer to gain professional work experience. Applicants of this category of the IEC program should have a Canadian employer’s job offer.

The work permit under this program will employer-specific. Applicants will not be allowed to change employer and job location during their stay in Canada. Verification of quota is necessary before applying for the Young Professionals program to assess the probability of approval.

International Co-op Internship Program

The program of International Co-op enables foreign nationals to become eligible for their post-secondary education by completing work placement or internship in Canada. Applicants must have a valid job offer to receive an employer-specific work permit. They will be working at a single location and same employer for the duration of their stay. The co-op Internship program allows students who are:

  • Registered at a post-secondary institution
  • Having an internship, a job offer, or a work placement
  • Willing to work at one location in Canada for the same employer

International Experience Canada is a helpful program for foreign nationals who are citizens of specific countries. There are regular draws to select applicants for the program. Choosing a reliable immigration consultant is an ideal option to know the probability of approval of the IEC application.

Dev Immigration Services Inc has vast experience in guiding immigration aspirants to choose the right pathway to improve the chances of approval. Contact us now to discuss various options.


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