CUSMA/NAFTA Work Permits

CUSMA/NAFTA Work Permits

The objective of the CUSMA/NAFTA program is to grant temporary work permits to eligible applicants of the USA and Mexico. The new agreement of CUSMA aims at replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA is the treaty concerning the USA, Mexico, and Canada to promote trade and facilitate access to skilled workers entering Canada on a temporary work permit.

The NAFTA program offers LMIA exempt work permits to enable eligible workers. Consult an experienced immigration consultant if you are eligible to obtain a work permit under this program.

A brief overview of CUSMA/NAFTA work permits

The CUSMA/NATA program covers a broad range of categories of temporary workers. Applicants must fulfill the requirements to become eligible temporary workers as per the rules. Following are the categories for obtaining a temporary work permit under the CUSMA/NAFTA program:

  • CUSMA/NAFTA professionals
  • CUSMA/NAFTA Intra-Company transfers
  • CUSMA/NAFTA Traders
  • CUSMA/NAFTA investors

Workers and employers who are leveraging the CUSMA/NAFTA program should comply with specific provisions of temporary work. The application process for obtaining a work permit under CUSMA/NAFTA is substantial and complex. Any established immigration counselor can offer in-depth guidance to applicants of the CUSMA/NAFTA program.

CUSMA/NAFTA professionals

There are 60 targeted professions under various categories of the CUSMA/NAFTA program as follows:

  • General category
  • Medical/ Allied professionals
  • Teachers
  • Scientific professionals
  • Scientists

One must have relevant qualifications and experience to work in one of these professions to be an eligible CUSMA/NAFTA professional. You must have pre-arranged Canadian employment in an appropriate occupation that matches your qualifications. You will have to produce valid documents to establish your qualifications and work experience. No self-employed individuals are eligible to apply under this category.

CUSMA/NAFTA intra-company transfers

Employees of the US or Mexico companies who are transferred temporarily to affiliate companies, branches, or subsidiaries are eligible to apply under this category. They must be in active employment at the time of application and should have a minimum work experience of one year. The employee should be working in a managerial or executive position having a specialized knowledge of the relevant occupation.


A substantial quantum of business with Canada is the most crucial requirement to become eligible as a CUSMA/NAFTA trader. Traders from the US or Mexico who have more than fifty percent of trade with Canada can consider applying under this category. The trade relationship should be an existing one, and the trader should have no intention of developing trade contacts or securing new clients in Canada. The employing organization of the trader should be either American or Mexican.

CUSMA/NAFTA investors

Investors applying under this category should demonstrate substantial investment in either an existing or a new business in Canada. Such investors should have the intention of developing and guiding businesses. The investor company should have a controlling stake in the Canadian company. Employees of the primary investors are also eligible to apply as essential staff, provided their expertise is valuable to the American or Mexican company.

Contacting an expert immigration consultant can brighten your prospects of entering Canada with a valid work permit under the CUSMA/NAFTA program. Dev Immigration Services Inc is a reputed immigration resource for reliable and appropriate guidance if you plan to study, work, and immigrate to Canada. Contact us today to know the best immigration options available for you.


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