Apply Work Permit Step by Step

Apply Work Permit Step by Step

Foreign nationals can leverage a wide assortment of work permit programs as Canada welcomes international talent to meet economic and social objectives. Canada awards thousands of work permits every year to enable aspiring candidates to work in different sectors.

Although some jobs do not require a work permit, most Canadian jobs require a work permit that helps you stay and work in Canada. Hiring a knowledgeable immigration expert can improve your prospects of securing a work permit. Consulting an experienced immigration consultant will help you prepare and submit the application for a work permit with no hassles and the possibility of errors of missing documents.

Applying for a work permit in Canada

Canada offers three options to apply for a work permit as follows:

  • Apply before entering Canada
  • Apply at the Canadian Port of Entry (POE)
  • Apply after arriving in Canada

Applicants may not be able to select the option because there are specific qualifying criteria for these options. Application at Port of Entry is only available to foreign nationals who are exempt from visas to travel to Canada because of their nationality, certain documents, or their purpose of visit. Similarly, one can apply for a work permit after entering Canada if studying in Canada or living in Canada with a Temporary Resident Permit. The first option of applying for a work permit before entering Canada is available to everyone.

Let us dig deeper to understand the process of applying for a work permit by considering the three scenarios.

Applying for a work permit before entering Canada

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offer a convenient option to submit online applications to foreign nationals applying for a work permit before entering Canada. Another option is to submit a paper application to a nearby Visa Application Center. You need to understand the following aspects of online submission and submission of paper applications.

  • Issues with document submission – Online applications may be cumbersome because of limitations of file size. There is a possibility of missing some documents because of such hassles. The quality of files may get affected if you are using applications to reduce the size.
  • Processing fees – Submission of application in VAC involves payment of processing fees in addition to IRCC fees. You save on VAC processing fees by using the online mode of applying for the work permit.
  • Missing documents – Refusal is possible if the visa authorities find some documents are missing in the online application.
  • Human factors – Personal errors may cause missing documents even if you are submitting a paper application.

However, online applications are always preferable because of the convenience factor.

Submitting a work permit application at the Port of Entry

It is probably the fastest method to obtain a work permit. It is also a considerably straightforward process. Your application and all relevant papers must be ready while approaching the visa officer at the Port of Entry. For an open work permit, you need to prove that you are qualifying for such a permit. In the case of an LMIA work permit, you should have the LMIA letter with you.

One should only consider the option of applying at the Port of Entry if there is no possibility of refusal. Being inadmissible or submitting an incomplete application can result in refusal and other complications.

Submitting an application for a work permit after entering Canada

The best option to apply for a work permit when in Canada is through the online method. However, one may submit a paper application if there is some disability. Besides, several situations require paper application as per the recommendations of IRCC.

Submitting a work permit application to the relevant authorities is vital. Only a reputable immigration consultant can make things easier for you by explaining every step and assisting you in preparing a perfect application. Dev Immigration Services Inc provides a large spectrum of options to those who want to study, work, and immigrate to Canada. Visit us to explore a fascinating array of immigration options that match your requirements.


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