Work While Study

Work While Study

There are several attractive perks to choosing Canada as your study destination, and the facility to work while studying is one of these. International students can arrange for their tuition fees and other expenses by working part-time during school terms. You can also work full-time during vacations and other breaks. You may work on-campus or off-campus, depending upon the requirement of your study permit.

International students can also work more than the stipulated 20 hours during the semester, provided the study permit allows work experience. The acceptance letter will include this point, but the student will only have permission to work on-campus. These students get a study permit and work permit from the government.

Working in Canada with no Work Permit

A valid Study Permit in Canada entitles eligible students to work off-campus for a maximum of 20 hours a week during the course term’s regular study sessions. You can also use extended breaks like spring break, winter vacation, or summer holidays to work full-time. Following are some eligibility criteria to consider:

  • Having a suitable academic standing according to the terms of the institution
  • Has a valid Canadian study permit
  • Is pursuing a full-time program at a Designated Learning Institute
  • The study program is leading to a certificate, diploma, or degree
  • Holds a Social Insurance Number
  • The study program is minimum of six months duration

The international student should stop working off-campus if there is a change in the status concerning the above criteria. Any reliable immigration consultant in Canada will explain available options to you if you need to work.

Canada also provides work opportunities to international students who are not learning full-time courses. You will be able to work off-campus if you were studying full-time from the commencement of the study program and are now attending a part-time program as per the course requirements. It may be because the course schedule does not need full-time attendance anymore.

Non-eligibility for off-campus work

It helps to know the different conditions for not being eligible to work off-campus in Canada.

  • International exchange students of visiting students who are learning in a DLI.
  • Having English or French as a second language
  • International students who pursue a general interest program

According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, the following factors are valuable to determine the full-time status of an international student:

  • Total number of hours necessary for the completion of the degree course
  • Allocated credits during the certificate, diploma, or degree course

Working on-campus during the program

You may be allowed to work on-campus subject to fulfillment of particular criteria. The campus should belong to the designated learning institute where the student. The student must be having a valid study permit along with a Social Insurance Number. The registration of the student should be for a full-time study program at any:

  • University or college with a public school for post-secondary studies
  • Any private school in Canada that has a legal authority to grant degrees

A student can work on-campus provided the employer’s work location is within the boundaries of the institution. Such employers are school management, caterers, and other contractors who offer various services on the campus.

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