Why Study in Canada

Why Study in Canada

Thanks to the supportive role of the Canadian Ministry of Education to encourage students from abroad, Canada is rapidly becoming a go-to place for higher education studies. Moreover, an impressive number of Canadian universities are achieving higher international status.

International students can continue to scale new heights of academics while simultaneously pursuing jobs. It facilitates their stay in Canada during their job search after fulfilling their educational aspirations.

Know some of the lucrative reasons why Canada deserves to be your favorite destination to study abroad.

Ease of communication

Communication is the most crucial aspect to consider while going abroad for education. Canada offers a comfortable environment for English-speaking students. You will feel at home communicating in English while staying in Canada, although French and English are official languages here.

Moreover, you will get a golden opportunity to learn French as an additional foreign language. All Canadian universities provide an ideal ground to pursue studies in the English language across all academic levels ranging from Bachelors to Ph.D.

A growing list of DLIs

DLIs are Designated Learning Institutions in Canada having the approval of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, which authorizes institutions to accept international students. DLIs assist international students in completing their undergraduate or post-graduate education. These institutions also help them stay in Canada after completing their education.

You can consider studying in community colleges if you wish to be job-ready by acquiring applied training that comprises practical training to enhance employability.

Following are some Canadian universities having the distinction of international recognition for Bachelor’s and Master’s studies.

  • University of British Columbia
  • McMaster University
  • Mc Gill University
  • University of Montreal
  • Mc Gill University
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Alberta
  • Queen’s University

There are approximately a hundred DLIs in Canada, and the list is constantly growing. All Canadian universities share a common objective of helping students get access to the best possible learning resources.

Diverse yet safe environment

Canada offers you a fascinatingly diverse culture with people from multiple linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. Add to this a vast assortment of international students from all across the globe, and you have an amazing melting pot of cultures to make you’re a true global citizen.

Cultural diversity is not at the cost of social security. Canada has the second-highest ranking in terms of quality of life. With a negligible crime rate, you will be able to pursue your education with no hassles.

Where learning is a pleasure

The friendly and open classroom ambiance will help you absorb the knowledge with no roadblocks. You will meet some of the most supportive professors who aim to make their students motivated learners. In addition to conventional classroom lectures, university programs also cover projects, assignments, group activities, and workshops for comprehensive learning.

Any Bachelor’s degree course in Canada is of three-year duration, and the Master’s program can be of one to three years duration. Higher education in Canada is comparable with that of the US. Canadian education system lays a great emphasis on developing students who do not feel shy to clear their doubts while fostering their communication abilities.

Nurturing employability

Students need not be mere degree-holders after completing their education. Canadian university system offers career-oriented courses by designing a curriculum that spans current events and caters to the requirements of employers.

International students can choose from a remarkable array of courses that cover Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences, Environmental Science, and Business Education, Languages, and Arts, to name a few. What’s more, you can aspire to be a top professional in your field of interest by choosing Canada as your learning destination.
With over 1500 educational institutions aiming to provide a world-class learning experience to international students, Canada is an ideal destination to study, work, and immigrate.

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