Study Visa Overview

Study Visa Overview

Canada is a top destination to pursue studies as close to 350000 students enter Canada per year to study in internationally acclaimed institutions. An individual needs to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa by applying to Refugees and Citizenship Canada before entering.

Canada welcomes more than 35 million foreign nationals annually as temporary residents. A temporary study visa and a study permit grants permission to study in Designated Learning Institutes for a period as specified by the institution.

Study visa without a Study Permit

A study permit is a vital document that lets you follow a study program that may lead to a certification, graduation, or Ph.D. Some situations may not mandate a study permit. These are:

  • Individuals pursuing a study course with less than six months duration
  • Members of foreign armed forces
  • Family members of embassy staff
  • Minor children

A law-abiding citizen who can convince the visa officials that they will leave Canada after the expiration of the study permit may be eligible to study in Canada. You will be eligible to study in Canada if you are:

  • Having sufficient funds to manage accommodation and living expenses during the study program
  • Able to pay for course fees and return journey after completion of the study program
  • Having an acceptance letter by a Designated Learning Institute

Process of applying for a study permit

You will require a study permit in Canada if your course duration exceeds six months. Select an appropriate study program to get an acceptance letter efore you apply for a Canadian study permit from one of the several Designated Learning Institutes in Canada.

  • Selecting a study program – This is a crucial step of the study permit application because the study program should be relevant to your academic profile and work experience. The visa official may reject the application in case of any discrepancies. The strength of your study permit application depends on the selection of an appropriate study program that reflects your education and work profile.
  • Applying to a learning institution – An expert immigration consultant can help you choose the perfect learning institute. They will also assist you while preparing and submitting the application. The earning institute will provide an Acceptance Letter, which qualifies you to proceed to the next step.
  • Study permit application – This is the final step to becoming an international student in Canada. Your immigration consultant will be happy to support you while preparing and submitting the Student Permit application to the Canadian immigration authorities.

Advantages of being a Canadian International Student
You will have far better prospects of developing your career and staying in Canada permanently if you are an international student in Canada. You can choose to work while studying and support personal or course fee expenditure. The work experience will also enrich you professionally.

During the learning sessions, a study permit allows you to work off-campus for twenty hours a week. You can work full time during long vacations to make the most of your available time. The facility to work while studying also helps you build your professional network.

International students can bring their family members to Canada. Your spouse can also accompany you on an open work permit. The work permit will enable your spouse to work for any employer in Canada. What’s more, your children and parents can also join you. Talk to a reputed Immigration Consultant to know your options.

Canada offers international students an opportunity to work after completing the graduate program through a Post-graduation Work Program (PGWP). The work permit under OGWP is valid for up to three years and does not mandate any job offer letter. It can be your stepping stone to obtaining a permanent residency by getting Canadian work experience.

Dev Immigration Services Inc is helping several thousands of international students study, work, and immigrate to Canada. We strive to enable international students to study in the world’s top universities in Canada and settle permanently. Contact us today to find more.


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