Student Direct Stream

Student Direct Stream

The Student Direct Stream program facilitates students from some partner countries to realize their dream of studying in Canada. The SDS Canada is another name of Canada’s Student Direct Stream facility that aims to accelerate the processing of Canada Study Permit.

Thanks to the Student Direct Stream program, eligible students can now hope to get the study permit within just a couple of weeks with no hassles. Established immigration consultant services like us can help you understand and execute your study permit according to the requirements of the procedure.

Advantages of Student Direct Stream

Presently, the period of processing study permits depends on the student’s country of origin. Student Direct Stream speeds up the processing of your study permit application. There are several benefits of using the option of Student Direct Stream.

  • Save valuable time to process the Canada study permit – Fast-track the process of securing your Canadian Study Permit with the Student Direct Stream program if you can fulfill a few eligibility criteria. The majority of study permit applications are cleared in less than twenty days if the applicant selects the option of Student Direct Stream.
  • Bring along your family to Canada – Your partner or family members like a spouse, parents, and children can join you by applying for a study permit through the Student Direct Stream program. Make sure that they are eligible to apply for visitor visas, work permits, or student visas. Your application should mention that other members are joining you. Their applications need to be submitted simultaneously along with you.
  • Enables you to stay in Canada permanently – International students who obtain a post-graduate work permit by leveraging the Student Direct Stream facility can aspire to work for a maximum of three years after they finish graduation. This strategy paves the way for their stay in Canada for the period. Subsequently, they can explore options to gain permanent residency by consulting reliable immigration consultancy services in Canada.

Considering SDS Canada

The Canada Student Direct Stream enables you to get a study permit in the shortest possible time (within 20 calendar days), provided you happen to belong to countries in Africa and Asia.
Following is the list of fourteen countries covered by the SDS Canada.

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Vietnam

An individual must be a citizen of and residing in one of these countries while applying for the Student Direct Stream. Your study permit application through Canada SDS is eligible for immediate review by IRCC if the same is complete in all respects.

Knowing the eligibility criteria of the Canada SDS program

All conditions for becoming eligible for a study permit are applicable while using the Canada SDS program. A letter of acceptance from the Designated Learning Institution is a fundamental requirement to apply for a study permit. You must submit documentary evidence of your upfront medical examination. A minimum score of 6 in IELTS or 7 in NCLC is essential for a Canada study permit. You will have to produce proof to confirm the first-year fees of the course are paid.

Proving a Canadian investment of $10000 by purchasing a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is also a vital criterion to seek a Canadian study permit through the Canada SDS program. A GIC is a Canadian financial instrument that promises a handsome return by investing a certain amount. You can buy a GIC through one of the leading banking institutions like Bank of Montreal, HSBC, ICICI Bank, or Bank of China. Any one of the following documents is acceptable as proof of the investment.

  • A certificate (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)
  • Confirmation of Investments Direction or Investment Balance
  • An attestation letter

An individual is not allowed to access the GIC before arrival in Canada. A small part of the funds is made available to the student upon entering Canada. The bank will release subsequent funds in 10 to 12 installments. You will receive these funds by providing appropriate proof of identity to the bank.

A Student Direct Stream is a prudent solution to accelerate the process of study permit approval. It will help you start your learning in the quickest possible way. Discover a broad gamut of options to get a Canada study permit by contacting Dev Immigration Services Inc.


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