Renew, Change or Extend

Renew, Change or Extend

When you are pursuing your studies in Canada, it is crucial to maintain your legal status without exceeding the authorized duration of your stay. Having a valid study permit at any point in time is vital. Renewal, change, or extension of the study permit is a must if you wish to move to another program that may take longer than the present one.

Importance of maintaining your status

Prolonging a stay in Canada without applying for a change of status before the expiration of the authorized stay can land you in serious trouble. You may have to leave the country before completing your studies if there is a delay or non-compliance. Going through the study permit meticulously will save you a lot of hassles. Following are some critical aspects of the study permit to check:

  • Authorized duration of stay
  • Limit of number of work hours per week
  • Limitations on nature of work during your study program

An application for an extension or change will help you to maintain a status of a temporary resident. The maintained or implied status allows the individual to stay legally in Canada till the approval of the application. An application for an extension of a permit helps you continue to study or work for the same firm even if the validity period of the present study permit is over.

In case of a change of study program or a different work permit, you will have to stop your current work or study as soon as the existing study permit becomes invalid. Your new study or work permit will have a mention of the new date, and there will be a certain period of maintained status between the expiry of the old study permit and the date of issue of a new study permit. It will help you gain permanent residency with no hassles as the new permit will confirm that the applicant has complied with the regulations by holding maintained status.

TRV and Study Permit Extension in Quebec

If you have a temporary resident visa and a study permit, then there is a possibility that the study permit and temporary resident visa will expire simultaneously. Renewal of a Temporary Resident Visa is not mandatory for international students who have student permits. However, you may have to renew the Temporary Resident Visa if you are traveling outside the country during the study program.

International students studying in the province of Quebec should possess Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec (CAQ) in addition to a regular valid study permit. It is mandatory to apply for a new CAQ if the student desires to extend the study program.

Submission of the application to change the status

You must extend the study permit if you feel that your study program may prolong beyond the date of expiry. An extension is also necessary if you want to pursue another study program. One should submit the application to The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) requesting permission to extend stay in Canada. The submission process for most applications from within Canada involves electronic mode as per the government rules. These are:

  • Application for study or work permits
  • Renewal of study or work permits
  • Extending the status of temporary resident

Being proactive in applying for extension or renewal well ahead of the expiry of the current permit’s validity will help avoid complications in the future. One may apply for restoration of status following the failure to apply for extension within 90 days after the end of validity of the present permit. Change of conditions of your existing study permit, like alteration in the study levels or study permit, will require an application for a new study permit. The extension of a study permit is not applicable if the conditions are going to change.

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