Pathway to Permanent Residence

Pathway to Permanent Residence

Canada is a fascinating destination to study, work, and stay permanently because of its excellent infrastructure, broad scope to explore job opportunities, and access to a gratifying quality of life. Canada boasts of a diverse culture by welcoming students from all across the globe.

You are eligible for Canadian permanent residency after graduation if you have studied in any Designated Learning Institute. Acquiring the skilled work experience through Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) qualifies an individual to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Significance of a Post Graduation Work Permit

A PGWP or Post Graduation Work Permit is a vital prerequisite to becoming a permanent Canadian resident. Graduation from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute entitles you to avail of a Post Graduation Work Permit. The work experience in Canada is a crucial factor for permanent residency through different pathways like Provincial Nomination Program and Canadian Experience Class programs.

Exploring your options

You can leverage several Canadian immigration programs for overseas students by seeking guidance from a reliable immigration consultant. Pathways to permanent residence in Canada enable international students to work and stay in Canada after graduation.

Following are some vital programs that entitle an individual to fast-track the process of permanent residency. The federal system of Canada’s Express Entry operates most of these programs by managing applications for permanent residence.

  • CEC Program
  • FSW Program
  • PNP
  • PEQ and QSW programs

Having a Post Graduate Work Permit enables a student to get skilled work experience. It is a crucial factor for most Canadian immigration programs. Canadian permanent residency is a pushover for students who have some association with Canada or its provinces, Canadian education qualification, and a work experience in Canada.

Having all or at least one of these prerequisites facilitates permanent residence with no hassles with the support of a knowledgeable immigration consultant. Successful completion of education by complying with all terms and conditions of a study permit is a significant criterion for all immigration applications.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The major highlight of the CEC program of immigration for international students is the seamless work experience of one year involving skilled work and a full-time work profile. The program is managed by the Express Entry system and assures the speediest way to secure Canadian permanent residence. Other eligibility factors to obtain PR through the CEC program are as follows:

  • Language proficiency
  • Age
  • Level of education

Remember that you cannot count the work experience during a full-time study course to determine the eligibility for immigration.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)

FSW is a suitable alternative to the Canadian Experience Class program that mandates a Canadian work experience. Students with work experience in countries other than Canada can benefit from Federal Skilled Worker Program. The Express Entry system operates the FSW program for faster outcomes.

Federal Skilled Worker Program involves a point system that considers competitiveness, skills, and other criteria through a Comprehensive Ranking System. Individual students who can achieve high CRS scores can aspire to become permanent residents in Canada even if they have no Canadian work experience.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP

Province-specific immigration programs aim to address the unique requirements of individual territories and provinces in Canada. An established immigration consultant can guide you to avail of these programs if you have a past association with a particular province or territory. The provincial connection of an individual may include previous experience of studying or working within the territory.

PEQ and QSW programs for Quebec immigration

These programs aim at offering immigration options to individuals who are willing to apply for permanent residence in Quebec. The two major immigration programs of Quebec benefit international students when they are applying for permanent residency. Proficiency in the French language and education in Quebec institutions are common prerequisites for both programs.

  • PEQ– The Quebec Experience Program expects students to complete their study courses at an educational institute in Quebec. They can also apply for immigration by using the program six months before the completion of education.
  • QSW– Although the eligibility criteria for French proficiency are somewhat relaxed, the Quebec Skilled Worker program requires an individual to complete education at Quebec institute.

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