Bring Spouse And Your Family

Bring Spouse And Your Family

Thanks to Canada’s liberal policy of immigration, family members of international students can accompany them during their study program in Canada. These family members may include dependent children and spouses.

Things to remember

Any individual applicant of a study permit is essentially going to be a temporary resident of Canada as the student cannot continue staying after the expiration of the study permit. There are a few aspects of the visa policy of not allowing entry to individuals with no valid study permit to bring a family.

One must explain the purpose and intent of choosing Canada for education in a statement along with the study permit application. The applicant should clearly state the need to bring a family member or dependent child while applying for a study permit. The visa officer is going to use their discretion while issuing the study permit. An individual who wants to bring all family members may not receive a study permit if the visa officer suspects the intent.

Similarly, making any subsequent amendments to the application for the inclusion of family members will result in severe repercussions like a five-year ban. All applicants need to prove their financial ability to support accommodation and other needs during their stay in Canada if a family member like a spouse joins them.

Planning to bring your spouse

Canada allows international students to bring a spouse. Student permit application should mention the inclusion of spouse. You will have to justify your financial planning to support the additional expenditure of your spouse like medical insurance, accommodation, and so forth.

Accompanying spouse can plan to take up a job in Canada by applying for a spousal work permit during the period of your study program. This facility is helpful to fulfill financial needs. To get an open work permit for your spouse or a common-law partner, you will have to comply with conditions like having a valid study permit for pursuing full-time study programs at:

  • A private educational institute with authority to confer degrees by the provincial authority
  • A public institution for post-secondary studies
  • A private institution receiving government grants

Your spouse can take up a full-time job with any employer in Canada with an open work permit. You can also bring your spouse to pursue education in Canada. However, there has to be a separate application for a student work permit in that case.

Bringing dependent children

You can bring dependent children with you by including their details in the study permit application. However, such inclusion may affect the approval of your application, as stated earlier. The Visa officer will issue an individual visa to the child along with your study permit visa. Hiring an established immigration consultant is the right way to understand various options for bringing the family to Canada.

A dependent child means any person who has no partner or spouse and is under 22 years of age. In an exceptional case, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada may consider an older person as a dependent child. It includes mentally or physically challenged persons who cannot support themselves. Minor children are free to pursue their studies up to secondary school if any parent has a valid study or work permit. The child will require a study permit for subsequent levels of education.

Dev Immigration Services Inc is a reputed consultant firm to guide and support individuals aspiring to study, work, and immigrate to Canada. Contact us to know more about practical options for bringing your spouse or dependent children to Canada.


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