Applying Study Permit

Step By Step Process

Thanks to the ever-growing list of internationally acclaimed institutions that welcome students from approximately 200 nations across the globe, Canada is the right destination to study, work, and immigrate. An established immigration consultant can guide you regarding step by step process to study in Canada and explore options to transition to permanent residence.

Checklist of critical documents to obtain a study permit

The following documents are of extreme significance to obtain a Canadian Study Permit. Application for the study permit involves submission of these documents and one should double-check the papers to ensure that everything is in proper order.

  • Identity proof- The proof of identity can be in the form of a birth certificate or a passport.
  • Letter of acceptance by DLI– The acceptance letter is a document to confirm that a particular institution will be accepting you as a student for a specific study program.
  • Proof to establish financial support– You should be in a position to prove that you have enough financial support to take care of the course fee, accommodation, and other expenses during the first year of course duration.   

Overview of the process

Understanding the stepwise process to become eligible to study in Canada will offer a broader perspective of various procedures necessary to enter Canada as an international student. Let us dig deeper to discover these steps.

  • Selection of a program– Conducting in-depth research to finalize the education program suitable for you is the most crucial factor. It enhances your chances of securing a study permit. An experienced immigration consultant can strengthen your case by recommending an appropriate program by considering your work experience and academic qualification. 
  • Applying to a DLI– Choosing an appropriate Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada is a significant step before applying for a course. The institute offers a letter of acceptance to help you apply for a study permit. The acceptance letter by a DLI takes you one step closer to getting a study permit. 
  • Applying for a study permit– You are free to apply for a Canada study permit once you have an acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institute. The application for a study permit is submitted to the Government of Canada. It helps you become eligible to complete studies by legally staining in Canada. 

You can continue to stay in Canada even after finishing your studies by extending your visa. It will help you improve your work profile by gaining professional experience. Any reliable immigration consultant can offer assistance for pursuing permanent residence if you desire to remain in Canada.

A brief introduction to the study permit

A study permit is the most vital document that allows you to stay and study in Canada. You will not be able to enter Canada unless if the study permit is approved. The Port of Entry (POE) introduction letter is issued only after the approval of the study permit. An individual gets the study permit after entering Canada by producing the POE letter to the immigration authorities.

Assessing your credibility to apply for a study permit is crucial for the final approval of the study permit application because the approval process is extremely stringent. Your chances of securing a study permit in Canada are brighter if you have an acceptance letter from the institute, strong proof of financial support, and other vital documents.

Applying for a Canada study permit

Thanks to the online application process, one can use the web portal of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada to submit a study permit application by creating an account.

Attach the scanned documents or digital documents to complete the online application process. Alternatively, you can also send the application and documents by mail to the relevant Visa Application Centre in your country.


There are several perks of studying in Canada. These include access to world-class education, the opportunity to work while learning, or the option to bring the family to Canada during studies.

Dev Immigration Services Inc provides end-to-end support by explaining all available options in detail. Contact us to know more about exploring the benefits of studying in Canada.


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