Refugee Protection

Refugee Protection Program

The government of Canada launched the Canadian Refugee Protection portal in October 2021. The program aims to offer refugee protection to those in Canada who fear prosecution or face some danger if they were to leave the country. The risks they face may include torture, the risk to life, and the risk of some form of cruel punishment.

Individuals facing any of these risks if they go back to their home country can seek protection as a refugee in Canada.

Who Can Make a Claim for Refugee Protection?

To make a refugee claim, the person

  • Must be staying in Canada
  • Must not be facing a removal order

A person staying outside Canada might be eligible to resettle in the country as a refugee or immigrate using one of the many programs available to such persons.


A refugee claim is analyzed and decided by referring it to the IRB or the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. It is an autonomous tribunal with the responsibility of making decisions on matters pertaining to refugees and immigration.

Your refugee claim may not be considered for referral to the IRB under the following circumstances:

  • You are acknowledged by another country as a convention refugee
  • You enjoy the status of a protected person in Canada
  • You had arrived in the country through the border states of Canada and the US
  • You have already submitted claims for refugee status in a different country
  • You cannot enter Canada on security grounds as you have been reported for criminal activity or human rights violations
  • You had made a refugee claim previously that was not found eligible
  • You had withdrawn or abandoned a refugee claim earlier

Post-Application Process:

For claims made at the port of entry:

There are many possible outcomes for claims made at the port of entry.

Your claim is decided as eligible by the Border Services officer, and you will be served a notice to attend a hearing by the IRB. Before the meeting, you must complete a medical examination. You might be asked to participate in an interview or complete the claim process online.

To complete your claim online, you will need the application number mentioned in the claim letter acknowledgment. If any information is missing, the details will be shared for you to update the claim and submit as directed.

You’ll get an email if we update your account or upload a document for you. Make sure you check your email regularly.

The Appointment

At the appointment, you must carry your original passport and other ID documents. They will be reviewed, and your biometrics will be collected along with the previously not submitted documents. An eligibility interview will be conducted, and if all goes well, you will be given documents for the next steps.

The Interview

During your interview, the eligibility claim is decided. A positive claim is referred to the IRB. You will receive a Refugee Protection Claimant Document. You will also be given a Confirmation of Referral letter. It confirms that your claim has been referred to the IRB. The document will contain details of where to go for the hearing, its timing, and other relevant information. The IRB may either approve or refuse the refugee claim.

You will get the protected person status if your claim is accepted. You can stay and apply for permanent resident in Canada.

If your claim is rejected, you will have to leave Canada. You can appeal the decision or use other options as well.

Ineligible claims cannot be referred to the IRB. In such instances, an enforceable removal order is issued asking you to leave Canada within a stipulated time frame.

There are multiple documents and processes involved in the Canadian Refugee Protection process. For a person ignorant of the steps, it may seem an overwhelming task. With our unrivaled expertise as professional immigration consultants, we can help you get closer to your refugee status in Canada. Contact Dev Immigration Services Inc to know how we can help you achieve success in this process.


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