Application Process From Outside

Application Process From Outside Canada

You can come as a refugee to Canada if you are outside Canada at present. However, you are eligible only if you are referred by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) or a private group. You are not allowed to apply directly as a refugee from outside Canada.

To be referred, you must be in one of the categories mentioned below:

Convention Refugee Abroad

You can apply in this class if you:

  • Are staying outside your natural country or the country you call your home
  • Feel a real threat of persecution because of reasons such as religion, race, political ideology, or membership of a specific social group

As a convention refugee, you can be sponsored by the Canadian government, privately-sponsored refugees, or a mix of both. You must prove your financial stability and the resources to support yourself and your family.

Country of Asylum

You can apply for acceptance as a refugee under this class if you:

  • Are living outside your home country
  • Are a victim of a civil war or an armed conflict
  • Have been denied access to fundamental human rights

The country of asylum class refugees are sponsored privately. If you have the financial resources to support the members of your family, you can be in this class.

Referred applicants must fill out a specific application package and pass a medical exam and security and criminal check test.

The Blended Visa Office-Referred Program is designed by the Canadian government for matching the refugees with the list provided by the United Nations Refugee Agency.

The Canadian laws with respect to refugees are very stringent. All cases are screened carefully to ensure that applicants do not have a criminal record and do not pose any security or health risk.

You Are Not Eligible If:

  • There is another offer you can utilize, such as resettlement in another country
  • You are planning to get citizenship of another country
  • You have plans to return to your own country
  • The reason/s why you left your country is not applicable anymore

The Time-Frame For A Sponsored Refugee To Get Approved

The time taken for a privately sponsored refugee to get to Canada may vary based on many factors, such as where you come from and the complexity of your case. It also depends on how easily visa authorities and interviewing officers can reach the applicant. Some applicants may find it difficult to collect all the documents needed to apply as a refugee. In some cases, security screening and medical tests may also take time.

Support For Government Assisted Refugees

The Canadian government has a Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) in place to ensure that eligible refugees get immediate support for meeting their basic needs. These include temporary housing, assistance for finding a permanent house, assistance in registering for various federal and provincial programs, and orientation to the new community. They also get help in areas of personal finance and essential life-skill support.

The support offered by RAP is based on the existing social assistance rates in the province where the refugees choose to settle. The support is generally provided for one year from the time the refugee arrives in Canada, but it can be extended until they can support themselves.

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