Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ) or The Quebec Experience Program is a priority immigration program of the province of Quebec. Individuals with French language skills having Quebec work experience or Quebec education can permanently settle in Quebec under the Quebec Experience Program. Obtaining the Quebec Selection Certificate CSQ is a crucial requirement of the PEQ. Reputable Quebec immigration experts provide valuable support to applicants who wish to acquire a permanent residence by leveraging the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

PEQ- a brief overview

Eligible candidates can fast-track the process of obtaining permanent residence status in Quebec by leveraging the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ). The selection of candidates for the QEP is within the jurisdiction of Quebec as per the 1991 Quebec-Canada agreement. Employers in Quebec can easily hire foreigners or students living in Quebec through this immigration program.

The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) aims to enable individuals who share Quebec’s values and have blended with the culture by living in the province for some time to contribute to the society by becoming permanent residents. The popularity of the Quebec Experience program has helped over 70000 foreign nationals obtain the Quebec Selection Certificate to seek permanent residence in Quebec.

With average application processing of just about six months, the Quebec Experience Program is a fast-track immigration pathway to settle in Quebec.

 Understanding the process to apply for PEQ

The Quebec Experience Program mandates all PEQ applicants to obtain the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). The selection certificate is necessary to apply for permanent residence in Quebec. The program allows candidates to apply through one of the following two streams as per their situation:

  • Quebec graduates
  • Temporary foreign workers in Quebec

The application process for the Quebec Experience Program involves using the Arrima portal for uploading necessary documents with a complete application. One can track the application and make relevant changes to improve the eligibility scores. The following steps offer a brief overview of the process:

  • Prepare an application by selecting the relevant form according to your situation.
  • Organize all necessary documents as per the list in the application form
  • Use the Arrima portal to create your profile
  • Submission of application via Arrima portal
  • Make a payment of application processing fees

Eligibility requirements for the Quebec Experience Program (QEP)

The following are criteria to obtain permanent residence for temporary foreign workers in Quebec:

  • Valid passport
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Plans to settle and hold a job in Quebec
  • Has been living in Quebec as a temporary worker
  • Is in employment at the time of applying for the PEQ
  • Has ability to demonstrate French language skills by way of a government recognized standard language test or has completed a minimum of three years of education in the French language

Following are some eligibility criteria for Quebec Graduates to qualify for the Quebec Experience Program:

  • Demonstrate the intention of living in Quebec
  • Holds a valid passport
  • Is more than 18 years of age
  • Is living temporarily in Quebec for education
  • Holds an eligible degree or diploma, recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education.
  • Has completed 18 hours of education in Quebec
  • Prove French language skills with a government-recognized standard language test or a minimum of three years of education in the French language.

You must check if your educational background meets the eligibility criteria of the PEQ because not all study programs in Quebec are eligible to apply for the Quebec Experience Program.

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