Security Clearance

Security Clearance

One must undergo security clearance if above 18 while applying for Canadian immigration (Permanent Resident). It is proof that the individual applicant is not criminally inadmissible to Canada. Security clearance aims at ensuring the safety of all citizens of Canada. It also attempts to eliminate threats to the internal security of Canada.

A security clearance is vital to prevent individuals from entering Canada if they have a criminal background. It is necessary for the protection of Canadian society and the maintenance of law and order. Obtaining or submitting a clearance certificate involves complex procedures. An expert immigration consultant is your suitable resource to complete all necessary formalities.

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate

One can obtain a Police Clearance Certificate or certificate of non-criminal activity from the relevant police or other law enforcement authorities in the country of present residence. The applicant should be residing in the country for more than six months from their eighteenth birthday. The applicant will have to obtain multiple Certificates if there is more than one country of residence with more than six months of stay.

One should plan as the period to obtain a Clearance Certificate may extend to over four months. Proper time management is vital as the submission of documents involves stringent timelines. A clearance certificate is mandatory for all immigrants who have crossed the age limit of 18 years. The same applies to all members of the family. Make sure that the clearance certificate is in English or French language.

Submit a certified translation with the original if the certificate is in a language other than English or French. You need to obtain a letter from the law enforcement authorities in your country who refuse to issue a police clearance. The letter must mention the inability of the law enforcement authorities to issue the clearance certificate.

Understanding criminality

Criminality is a proven criminal background according to the records available with law enforcement authorities. All immigrants and their dependents who wish to enter Canada must have a clean record. Criminality prohibits international students, workers, and temporary visitors from entering Canada. An equivalent crime as per the Criminal Code of Canada is determined to assess the criminality of an immigrant who has a criminal history.

Following are some types of criminalities that may prevent an immigrant from entering Canada.

  • A criminal act and conviction comparable with an offense punishable with a sentence for less than ten years’ duration in Canada.
  • Equivalent hybrid offenses that can lead to a sentence with less than ten years of punishment
  • Multiple acts of crime that are equivalent to summary offenses

Background clearance

A background clearance is different from a security clearance. The individual applicant has no active role in the process of background clearance. It aims to block the entry of individuals who may have a terrorist background or a background of subversion and espionage.

Canadian immigration authorities perform an extensive search to check for the relevant information about the applicant from all possible sources. The applicant will have to appear for an interview in the event of any objectionable references.

Submitting a Police Clearance Certificate

Remember that the validity period of police clearance certificates is only 12 months. Proper planning is a must to ensure that the certificate does not expire at the time of submission. Do not forget to submit a relevant letter if your certificate does not reach you within sixty days from the date of receipt of ITA.

Prospects of entering Canada following criminal inadmissibility

Failure to prove that the applicant has no criminal background may lead to criminal inadmissibility resulting in a ban to enter Canada for a specific period. The only way to overcome the problem of inadmissibility is through deemed rehabilitation or individual rehabilitation.

There are specific criteria to qualify for criminal rehabilitation. These may include a period of a maximum of ten years with no history of any conviction.

Dev Immigration Services Inc is your ultimate resource if you want to submit a Security Clearance letter. Contact us today for expert and trusted support in all matters of inadmissibility.


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