Refusals and Appeals

Refusals and Appeals

Some of the most popular choices to obtain a PR status in Canada are business immigration, skilled immigration, and family immigration. However, a refusal of a permanent residence (PR) application can be a frustrating experience as it will severely impact your plans. There are multiple grounds for the refusal of PR applications. Interestingly, some of these grounds are avoidable if an applicant seeks the professional help of an expert immigration consultant.

An in-depth review of the refusal letter will help you understand the specific reasons for the refusal. You can seek the help of an experienced immigration consultant to dig deeper if the reasons are vague. Getting hold of the case-specific details of your refusal is essential to file a new application.

Understanding common grounds of refusal

There are some common reasons for the refusal of PR applications. A refusal may be because of procedural lapses or failure to understand the instructions.

  • Misrepresentation – Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) perceive the misrepresentation as deliberate distortion of the facts or concealment of certain information. The misrepresentation can also result from a lack of understanding of the instructions or inadvertent errors and omissions by the applicant while filling out the application. The applicant may not be able to reapply for a specific period if the refusal pertains to misrepresentation.
  • Criminal background – Applicants with no criminal background have no reason to worry about this. However, a criminal background may lead to inadmissibility. Any reputed immigration consultant can help you find a solution by assessing options of deemed or individual rehabilitation.
  • Refusal on health grounds – Canada operates a universal healthcare system to help citizens with health issues. Refusal of PR application is possible if the applicant has chronic health issues that will lead to an excessive burden on the public health system of Canada. One may procure an expert opinion about the specific health condition to avoid refusal on health grounds.
  • Missing the timelines – Failing to comply with stringent deadlines may result in the refusal of your PR application. It is better to avoid such delays by collecting important documents in time. An expert immigration consultant can help you prepare and organize crucial papers to complete the application process as per the schedule. One can seek an extension by offering justifiable reasons for the delay with supporting documents.

Besides these, other reasons for the PR application’s refusal are lack of eligibility for a particular program and failure to enclose documents.

Addressing the problems of refusal

Presenting the refusal to the court is an option to contest the decision of IRCC is a legal option to consider. The court will consider the evidence to favor the applicant. You can also consider bringing the errors to the attention of the program manager if the refusal is because of the error.

An in-depth review of the visa officer’s notes can help you get some direction to move forward. If the notes mention a lack of documentary evidence, then you can arrange for the necessary papers while submitting a new application.

The visa officer’s notes can provide vital information about the specific lacunae in your application to help you prepare a strong response by enclosing the necessary documents. These notes will help you offer a detailed explanation about the blank spaces in the travel history.

Canada visa authorities only rely upon the documents and the information in the application as there is no provision of a personal interview. It underlines the significance of preparing a flawless and proper application. Sometimes, there may be inconsistencies or errors by visa officers. Misinterpreting the law is also another possible reason for the refusal of a PR application. A reliable immigration consultant can assist you to prepare an appeal if the refusal is based on unjustifiable reasons.

Dev Immigration Services Inc offers professional consultation to overcome refusals by exploring all options. Contact us today if your PR application is refused or if you wish to apply for permanent residence. We will help you prepare an application to avoid refusals.


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