Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL)

Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL)

IRCC sends a Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) to enable an applicant to respond before refusing an application. Receipt of a Procedural Fairness Letter indicates that the immigration authorities wish to offer the individual applicant an opportunity to submit a detailed response to avoid impending refusal. It is the only chance to respond with an appropriate explanation backed by factual reasons to avoid inadmissibility.

IRCC will go ahead with the refusal of your application in the absence of an appropriate response. Some refusals can also result in a 5-year ban if the immigration authorities notice misrepresentation. It is in your interest to understand the gravity of the Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) and hire a professional immigration consultant to avoid possible refusal by taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Reasons for sending a Procedural Fairness Letter

IRCC may consider sending a Procedural Fairness Letter to the applicant under the following circumstances:

  • Criminal and medical inadmissibility
  • Misrepresentation
  • Security issues
  • Genuineness of relationship (Spousal Sponsorship)
  • Insufficient evidence for Express Entry applications

Let us dig deeper to know how these situations may result in inadmissibility if an applicant cannot submit a proper response to the Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL).

Criminal and medical inadmissibility

A criminal record in another country or a history of a criminal offense in Canada can make an applicant criminally inadmissible. IRCC may prevent the applicant and family members from entering Canada. Criminal inadmissibility impacts Temporary Visa applications and also results in refusal of Permanent Resident Status. Inadmissibility is also possible if any non-accompanying family member has a criminal or medical history.

Medical inadmissibility prevents applicants who have a health issue that may cause an excessive burden on Canada’s public health system. Individuals with contagious diseases that may endanger the health of Canadian citizens are also considered medically inadmissible. Consult a professional inadmissibility expert to submit a detailed response to Procedural Fairness Letter by IRCC to avoid complications.


Providing false information in the application will cause inadmissibility because of misrepresentation. Forged documents, incorrect information, or hiding critical information like past incidences of visa refusals to other countries are a few examples of misrepresentation.

Misrepresentation can also be a result of some errors. You should consult a knowledgeable immigration consultant to respond to a Procedural Fairness Letter because misrepresentation can lead to a 5-year ban from entering Canada.

Security issues

IRCC may send a Procedural Fairness Letter to applicants who have been employees of defense or government agencies to seek additional information. Sometimes, IRCC may object to the previous links of the applicant with some organizations that are involved in terrorist activities. Responding to the objections is vital to prevent inadmissibility based on security issues.

Genuineness of relation

Receiving a Procedural Fairness Letter following an application for a Spousal Sponsorship is common. IRCC may suspect the genuineness of such a relationship if there are discrepancies in the supportive information. Inadequate evidence to prove common-law relations, the authenticity of marriage, or not staying together may result in inadmissibility or refusal of an application for Permanent Residency.

  • Following are some reasons that may lead to refusal of applications for spousal sponsorship:
  • Lack of sufficient evidence in the form of supportive documents
  • Discrepancies in the documents
  • Not able to prove divorce of a previous marriage to establish the present marriage

Insufficient evidence for Express Entry applications

One may receive a Procedural Fairness Letter because of several reasons in response to an Express Entry application. Failure to list duties in an employment letter, use of a wrong NOC, misrepresentation, and criminality are a few reasons for a PFL.

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