Medical Inadmissibility

Medical Inadmissibility

Similar to a criminal record, an individual’s health issues can also lead to inadmissibility. Medical inadmissibility prevents persons from entering Canada on health grounds. Canada visa authorities may disqualify a person from getting a Canada visa if they have severe mental or medical conditions that may pose a risk to fellow citizens. Canada visa authorities stringently implement the regulations of medical inadmissibility irrespective of the individual’s social or financial status.

Critical highlights of medical inadmissibility

Following are the two crucial factors that may result in medical inadmissibility.

  • The medical condition of the person may be a risk to the citizens of Canada.
  • The health concern of the individual may cause an extra burden on Canada’s public health or social service initiatives.

An excessive demand means the requirement of medical services to treat a particular medical condition will be higher than the average Canadian citizen. Certain medical conditions may cause inconvenience to other patients by increasing their wait times. These conditions may also cause excessive demands.

Establishing medical inadmissibility

A medical officer who determines the medical inadmissibility must look into multiple factors like the person’s health, in addition to the excessive burden on Canadian health services. These are:

  • Nature of the medical condition
  • The severity of health problem
  • Probable duration of the medical problem
  • Risk of contagion
  • Violent behavior that may endanger the lives and safety of other citizens
  • The additional cost of treatment will consume more public health funds than any average Canadian

Options to overcome medical inadmissibility

One can find ways to overcome medical inadmissibility by hiring a knowledgeable immigration consultant in Canada. You can overcome medical inadmissibility on humanitarian grounds or justify the reasons to enter that outweigh the risk of being in Canada.

Canada allows entry to individuals who cannot become eligible on the grounds of medical inadmissibility under an exceptional condition, as mentioned earlier. Applying for a Temporary Resident Permit by consulting a reputable immigration consultant who deals with such issues will help you overcome medical inadmissibility. Following are standard options to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa to overcome Medical Inadmissibility under exceptional circumstances.

Applying via Canadian Consulate

The process of sending an application for a Temporary Resident Visa through a Canadian Consulate may involve a long duration of up to six months. However, you stand better chances of overcoming medical inadmissibility by choosing the option of the Canadian Consulate.

The visa authorities in the consulate have vast experience in handling complex cases and can appreciate the justification of the visit despite medical inadmissibility. An applicant should attach a letter explaining the strong reason to enter Canada.

Option of applying at POE

You can apply for a Temporary Resident Visa to overcome medical inadmissibility at Port of Entry in the event of a last-minute program. At all entry points, such as sea entry points or land crossing points like airports, processing of TRV application is executed by visa officials on priority.

Explaining and justifying the medical grounds to visit Canada is a crucial step in applying at POE. One should be able to convince a Canadian immigration authority at Port of Entry that the visit will not impact the health and safety of Canadians.

Application at the port of entry can get you a Temporary Resident Visa in a matter of just a few minutes. However, one cannot be sure of getting the approval. The only alternative in the event of denial of your application is to approach Canadian Consulate.

Medical inadmissibility is an intricate issue that requires the knowledgeable support of an expert immigration consultant like us. Contact us to discuss options to overcome inadmissibility with our experts today.


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