Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship

Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship

Sponsoring parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada is possible by leveraging the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP). Approval of parents and grandparents under PGP will qualify them to apply for Canadian citizenship. Seek an expert consultation from a reputed immigration expert if you have received an invitation to sponsor your parents and grandparents.

A unique immigration option

PGP program is an exclusive immigration option to enable permanent residents and citizens of Canada to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada. The program entitles all permanent residents and Canadian citizens provided the applicant is:

  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is more than 18 years of age
  • In the receipt of an invitation to apply for PGP
  • Is living in Canada
  • Is having adequate income to support parents or grandparents
  • Meeting all requirements of Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

Applicants need to submit a signed undertaking to IRCC that commits them to take care of the parents and grandparents in all respects. The sponsor should be capable of providing support to parents and grandparents for twenty years from the date of their permanent residency. The sponsor should also provide food and other necessities of life, including shelter, daily utilities, and clothing.

It is mandatory to submit a PGP application to the IRCC within 60 days after receiving the invitation letter. The potential applicants need to submit a letter that indicates interest to sponsor. IRCC may choose the final list randomly through a lottery system before sending invitation letters.

Applying for PGP sponsorship

There is no need to attach any documents while submitting the Interest to Sponsor form. However, you will need to provide information about the income for the last three years. The interest to sponsor form also requires you to provide the information about being eligible to sponsor parents and grandparents. You will have to provide information about your parents and grandparents in the form. The period to submit a complete PGP application is 60 days from the receipt of the invitation letter.

You will have to quote the confirmation number of the invitation letter while filling out the PGP application form. An application should be complete in all respects, as any error or omission may lead to refusal. Contacting an expert immigration consultant will help you prepare and submit the PGP application properly. Following is the list of documents you need to submit along with the application to sponsor your parents and grandparents under PGP.

  • Proof of residence in Canada
  • Proof of status
  • Documents of civil status
  • Proof of the last three year’s income to show your eligibility to meet the minimum income criteria
  • Police clearance of your parents and grandparents
  • Digital photograph
  • Medical certificates

Understanding important aspects of PGP sponsorship

Parents or grandparents need not demonstrate language proficiency in French or English while entering Canada under PGP. IRCC does not allow permanent residents or Canadian citizens to sponsor in-laws. However, one can be a co-applicant if the spouse is applying for PGP sponsorship. Parents and grandparents with medical or criminal inadmissibility are not allowed to enter Canada.

Completing the Interest to Sponsor form in all respects is crucial to increase the probability of receiving an invitation to sponsor parents and grandparents. You should seek the help of an experienced immigration consultant firm to ensure the proper submission of all applications. Although the average time to process a PGP application is around 24 months, you may expedite the process by hiring a professional immigration consultant.

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