Dependent Child Sponsorship

Dependent Child Sponsorship

Canada encourages families to reunite by offering Family Class immigration programs to sponsor dependent children, parents, grandparents, spouses, and common-law partners. Family class immigration commands almost a quarter of the total number of fresh permanent residents admitted to Canada annually.

Parents can sponsor a child by satisfying the relevant eligibility criteria provided the child meets the definition of a dependent child. Availing professional services of an expert immigration consultant will enable you to understand the options if you are planning to bring your dependent child to Canada.

Qualifying for dependent child sponsorship

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) make it mandatory to satisfy the qualifying norms for sponsoring parent and dependent child. A child related to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident through a biological link or adoption can qualify for immigration through sponsorship.

A dependent child should be below the age of 22 years. The criterion for age limit is not applicable for a child who is disabled and not capable of supporting themselves. Meeting the definition of a dependent child is crucial for eligibility.

Parents need to fulfill the following conditions to sponsor a dependent child:

  • A Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • Is over 18 years of age
  • No criminal record
  • No record of bankruptcy
  • Should provide proof of relationship with dependent child

The proof of relations can be in the form of a birth certificate or an adoption certificate. Parents may apply for sponsorship if the process to adopt the child is in its final stage.

The dependent child sponsorship process

The sponsoring parent needs to sign an undertaking to accept the entire responsibility of supporting the child. Through the undertaking, the parent commits support for the child for their:

  • Housing facilities
  • Clothing needs
  • Food and other personal needs
  • Medical expenditure

The undertaking to sponsor a dependent child will remain in force till the dependent child reaches 25 years of age or ten years from the date of sponsorship, whichever comes earlier. The undertaking will be effective for three years if the dependent child is disabled and above 22 years of age.

There are four steps to follow while applying to sponsor a dependent child.

  • Access the relevant government website to obtain an application package. The package contains a guide to fill the application forms
  • Payment of fees for online application, Right of Permanent Residence, biometrics, and other fees, as applicable through the online payment system
  • Submission of application which is complete in all respects as per the guidelines
  • Submission of necessary supporting papers in response to the instructions from IRCC

Disqualifying scenarios

Following are some scenarios that may disqualify the parent from applying to sponsor a dependent child:

  • Parent receives social assistance (except for disability)
  • The parent has no intention to live with the dependent child in Canada after the child becomes a permanent resident
  • The parent has a criminal record or imprisonment with offenses against relatives
  • The parent became a sponsored permanent resident in a period less than five years before sponsoring a dependent child
  • A parent who is a permanent resident and not living in Canada cannot sponsor a dependent child unless the parent plans to live with the dependent child in Canada after approval of the sponsorship application.

There are no Minimum Necessary Income criteria to become an eligible parent to sponsor a dependent child. However, the MNI criteria may apply in a rare scenario wherein the dependent child has their dependent children.

Hiring an immigration expert will help you through all stages of submission to sponsor your dependent child. Dev Immigration Service Inc is a trustworthy resource having vast experience to support aspirants to study, work, and settle in Canada. Contact us to know more.


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