Invitation To Apply (ITA)

Invitation to Apply (ITA)

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issues Invitation to Apply (ITA) to successful candidates under Express Entry. Receiving an ITA is the final step of the Express Entry selection process and the significant leap towards realization of your Canadian immigration dream. You should immediately consult an expert immigration consultant to know the next step of preparing and submitting Application to Permanent Residence.

Different scenarios and actions

There are three possible scenarios after an applicant receives an Invitation to Apply. The acceptance of ITA is nothing but submission of a complete profile within the stipulated period.

Possible situations Reasons What to expect next
An ITA is accepted Acceptance is submission of a complete profile within 60 days Assessment of the application by IRCC. Most applications are processed within six months.
An ITA is declined The candidate clicks a relevant button provided on the ITA notice The candidate’s profile is placed back in the pool. It will be eligible for subsequent draws
An ITA is allowed to expire The invited applicant is unable to submit an application within 60 days If the individual desires to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry, they will have to create a new profile

Processing of ITA

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada conducts regular draws to select Express Entry applicants once in two weeks. Candidates with higher CRS scores receive Invitations to Apply for permanent residency.

If the applicant is not selected, then the Express Entry profile will be active for 12 months in the pool. One should consider improving the CRS score if there is no Invitation to Apply after a few months from the date of submitting the Express Entry profile on the IRCC website.

The validity of an ITA is 60 calendar days, and there are no extensions under any circumstances. Ideally, you must proactively start organizing all supportive documents after you submit your profile for Express Entry selection. It will allow you sufficient time to apply for Permanent Residency in response to the ITA before the expiration of the 60 days period.

Important documents for Invitation to Apply

While creating an Express Entry profile, a candidate should submit proof of education level and proof of language. All other aspects of the profile are of self-declaration type. However, there will be significant documentation while applying.

The checklist for the application is subject to the program as mentioned in the Invitation to Apply. It may also depend upon several factors like the applicant’s nationality, work experience, and educational credentials. However, the following documents are crucial for all programs.

  • Certificate of date of birth
  • Valid passport
  • Document of language test
  • Medical examination confirmation
  • Applicant’s photograph
  • Reference letter of the past employer
  • Police clearance certificate

These are only a few of the documents you will need to upload while applying for permanent residency. You may not be able to arrange for all documents within the given timeline of 60 days.

Receiving an Invitation to Apply does not guarantee acceptance of your application for permanent residency. Proactively taking the necessary steps before receiving an Invitation to Apply will help you improve your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada.

One must start the process of collecting the documents in time to avoid errors or a last-minute rush. Contact an experienced and knowledgeable immigration consultant to make sure that your application is perfect.

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