Improve Your CRS Score

Improve your CRS score

Express Entry selection is a vital resource to immigrate to Canada. Eligible applicants can submit the Express Entry profile online to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to receive an Invitation to Apply. Appropriately representing yourself in your Express Entry profile can help you achieve higher Comprehensive Ranking Scores and brighten your chances of immigrating to Canada as a permanent resident.

Benefits of improving the CRS score

Adopting an approach of actively improving your CRS score will considerably perk up chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply. Even an improvement of a few points will make a big difference because the Express Entry selection is a highly competitive process.

Moreover, there are ways to achieve a big jump in CRS score, which will guarantee you a place in top-ranking applicants for permanent residency programs. One can always attempt to perfect the profile by checking the missing information. It will help improve CRS scores because the Comprehensive Ranking System is a dynamic process.

How to improve your CRS Score

Two practical ways to improve your Express Entry CRS score are perfecting your Express Entry Profile and being proactive for a Provincial Nomination or an Invitation to Apply.

Improving language score – You can enhance your score by combining language with other factors like Post-secondary Education. Being married or in a common-law relationship can further boost your language score.

Education – Having an educational background of studying outside Canada and a post-secondary education within Canada will improve your CRS score. You will further better the score with additional credentials of another degree.

Work-experience – Incremental score is possible if you obtain more work experience or prepare perfect documentation of ongoing work experience.

There are several ways to boost your CRS score and become eligible for an Invitation to Apply through the Express Entry Selection process. Only an expert immigration consultant can help you create a perfect Express Entry profile. Keep reading to know more.

Verifying claim of all eligibility points

One must claim all possible eligibility points while creating the Express Entry profile. It is common for many applicants to miss out on some CRS points despite being eligible. Checking some valid eligibility points may improve your CRS scores:

Claim all educational credentials – Application for Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Trades Class does not mandate submission of Canadian education credential and Educational Credential Assessment. You must claim all appropriate credentials even if the system does not make it compulsory. Claim 150 points for education and an additional 50 for language ability or Canadian education.

Having a sibling in Canada – If you, your spouse, or a common-law partner have a sibling in Canada, living as a permanent resident, then just proving the relationship will earn 15 points in the CRS score. The relationship may be through blood, marriage, or adoption.

Claim all points for the second language – Comprehensive Ranking Score allows you to claim points for English and French. However, taking an approved language test in both languages will help you claim maximum marks under the category.

Long term avenues to maximize CRS scores

Candidates serious about immigrating to Canada by leveraging the Express Entry selection system must explore long-term avenues for maximum CRS scores. These may require a period of a few weeks to a year, but your efforts will help you improve your chances to receive an Invitation to Apply.

Obtain a PNP nomination certificate – Provincial Nomination Programs can help you achieve a whopping 600 CRS points. Several provinces offer Express Entry aligned streams to issue nomination certificates to eligible candidates to apply through the Express Entry selection system.

Obtain additional work experience – Continuing your work if you are working outside Canada is an easy way to improve your score in skills transferability combinations if your present work experience is less than three years. Adding more work experience through your Canadian job will help maintain your legal status while rewarding more points for Canadian work experience. Ongoing work experience is also helpful as you will automatically achieve a new threshold of work experience.

Short-term avenues to improve CRS scores

Following are some avenues if you wish to improve your CRS score in a matter of a few weeks:

Maximize your language abilities – Express Entry allows a single candidate to earn 260 points through language ability (270 CRS points for a couple). CRS perceives language ability as the most vital human capital factor. Improving your language ability by retaking an approved language test can help you jump in your scores. Moreover, achieving CLB 9 across all abilities will stimulate a jump in skill transferability factors.

Whether you require a few points more to improve your competitive edge or need a significant boost to secure an ITA, Expert immigration professionals can help you improve your CRS ranking by suggesting some of the best options.

Dev Immigration Services Inc has vast experience and knowledge to assist aspiring immigrants to maximize CRS scores by reviewing their Express Entry profiles. Visit us today for reliable guidance and tailor-made immigration solutions.


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