Express Entry Eligibility

Express Entry Eligibility

Canada offers multiple Economic Immigration Programs to help aspiring immigrants obtain permanent residence status. Express Entry aims to expedite the PR visa process of the candidates who are applying for these programs. It is an online system that allows applicants to create Express Entry profiles and submit their applications for one of the four economic immigration programs. Hiring a professional immigration expert will help you create a strong profile for a positive outcome.

Express Entry eligibility requirements

Meeting the eligibility requirements of one of the four federal economic immigration programs is necessary for creating a sound profile for the Express Entry selection process.

Following federal economic immigration programs are aligned with the Express Entry selection system:

  • Canadian Experience ClassFederal skilled worker program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trade Class (FSTP)
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (Some portion)

Each of these programs has specific eligibility requirements. However, the following criteria are common to all:

  • One year skilled-level work experience with no break
  • Language proficiency as per approved English or French language tests
  • No record of any criminal history
  • No medical issues

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Foreign workers and international students can obtain permanent residence status through the CEC program. The applicant should have one year’s technical, professional, or skilled work experience of a Managerial or Professional job in Canada, 36 months before the date of application. A minimum language score of CLB 5 or CLB 7 is a must.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Canada offers FSWP as a primary pathway for economic immigration to skilled workers. A minimum work experience of one year in specified occupations is necessary. These should be under the National Occupation Classification skill level 0, A, or B.

Applicants must score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 points on the Point Assessment Grid to be considered for Express Entry. Points are awarded on the basis of six factors including:

Age: You will be awarded points based upon your age on the day your application is received. Candidates between age group of 18 to 35 years get a maximum of 12 points. Those above this age of 35 will receive lesser points.

Education: Your minimum educational qualification must be equal to the higher secondary education level in Canada. A higher level of educational qualification means more points.

Work experience: To score the minimum points you should have at least one year of work experience. If you have more years of work experience you will gain more points.

Language ability: It’s very important to be able to communicate in one or both of Canada’s official languages. Maximum 24 points are awarded for the first official language and further 4 points on the second official language.

Adaptability: You can score ten points on the adaptability factor if your family members or close relatives are living in Canada and will be able to support you when you move in there. You can also gain points if your spouse is ready to migrate with you to Canada.

Arranged employment:  A valid job offer from a Canadian employer entitles you to get a maximum of 10 points under this category. However, it is mandatory that you must get the job offer before you apply to immigrate to Canada.

Applicants need to have a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to be eligible to apply under the Express Entry program.

Federal Skilled Trade Class (FSTP)

The FSTP enables candidates to become permanent residents by using their proficiency in skilled trades. The eligibility to apply under FSTP is a full-time work experience of a minimum of two years by meeting the job requirement criteria of skilled trades. Alternatively, they may possess a certificate of qualification from Canadian authority in the Skilled Trade or have a full-time job offer for at least one year from a Canadian employer.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

The Express Entry selection system allows only a portion of Provincial Nominee Programs. However, these candidates need to meet requirements under any one of the above Federal Economic Immigration Programs. Candidates with a provincial nomination in Canada can score additional points in the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Overcoming disqualification to become eligible for Express Entry

You can explore various options to become eligible if you happen to be ineligible under the present situation by consulting an expert immigration counselor. You may submit an Express Entry application to address the ineligibility issues. You may not be meeting the requirements of language proficiency, education credentials, or work experience.

Becoming eligible for the Canadian Experience Class is the most beneficial option for Express Entry selection for permanent residency. The credentials of Canadian education and Canadian work experience will help you score better in the Comprehensive Ranking System. Studying in Canada is the principal immigration pathway.

You are in the right place if pursuing permanent residency by exploring the Express Entry selection option. Dev Immigration Services Inc offers knowledgeable immigration expertise. We have motivated teams of immigration experts to provide personalized immigration assistance to aspiring candidates. We can also help you improve your CRS scores. Visit us today to clear your doubts and start your immigration journey with a trustworthy immigration counselor.


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