Entrepreneur C-11 Visa

Entrepreneur C-11 Visa

An entrepreneur or a self-employed individual looking to work in Canada and aiming for permanent residency can consider the C11 entrepreneur work permit option. Getting a work permit can be the stepping stone to a permanent Canadian residency.

Entrepreneur C-11 Visa Overview

According to the country’s International Mobility Program (IMP), Canadian businesses can hire temporary workers from foreign countries where the Labor Market Impact Assessment is not applicable.

The program also has another section with the exemption of LMIA. It is called C11 and lets self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs apply for a work permit.

The Entrepreneur C-11 Visa Is Created For Two Types Of Employers

The first is for those who wish for a temporary entry to the country based on their entrepreneurial ideas. The second is for those who seek a visa based on the self-employed permanent residence plan.

We have helped many entrepreneurs make a smooth transition to Canada while you remain focused on the more critical task of developing your business.

You Must Establish The Following Facts To Be Eligible For C-11 Visa

  • You are a business owner or a self-employed individual with a proper and viable business plan with the resources to shape it.
  • The business plan you have created is capable of providing economic, social, and cultural benefits to Canadians.

If the immigration officer is convinced of your plan, your application for the Entrepreneur C-11 visa will be approved.

Who Can Qualify For a C11 Work Permit?

It is not enough to own a business to qualify for an Entrepreneur C-11 Visa. There are many other things that the immigration department will consider before determining an applicant’s eligibility.

  • You have the track record and the capability to set up a business smoothly
  • You have the resources to purchase a running business in Canada and the skills to run it profitably
  • You have 50 percent of the ownership of the enterprise you buy or establish.
  • You have a robust business plan that is practical and has good potential
  • Your actions can benefit Canada and its people across different walks of life.

There are a few other things you must take care of. Securing finances for your business is the most important move. Equally important is to have a staffing plan in place. Other things include choosing a location for your establishment and setting up the infrastructure. You must also start creating a network of Canadian suppliers, vendors, and associates.
If you complete all the above steps, the chances of qualifying for an Entrepreneur C-11 visa are very high.

Types of Business Eligible for the C11 Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneurs with a primary residence outside Canada tend to get a Visa more easily. Also, those who plan to set up seasonal businesses are more likely to get approved for a C-11 Entrepreneur Visa.

Significant Benefit to Canada – What Does It Mean?

A C11 work permit may be approved or disapproved based on its “significant benefit to Canada” outlook. As mentioned earlier, the immigration officer assesses the applicant’s proposed business. Some aspects highlight this definition:

  • The applicant must create work ideas that can result in an economic stimulus for Canada and its permanent residents. It means the creation of new jobs, boost to exports or development work.
  • The applicant’s proposed project will result in the industrial advancement of Canada.
  • The work must be favorable for Canadian society. It must not result in any harmful consequences. It must not also adversely impact existing Canadian businesses.

Entrepreneur C-11 – Two-Stage Immigration

It must be noted that a C11 work permit does not guarantee permanent residency by default. The first step is to apply and get approved for a C11 visa. The second step is to apply for permanent residency. You must fulfill the following criteria.

  • You must have been managing a business in Canada successfully for at least 12 months with a valid permit.
  • You must fulfill the minimum requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  • You must get the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for express entry by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) department.

It is important to get the right advice from experienced consultants before applying for an entrepreneur C-11 Visa. Dev Immigration Services is a trusted service known for our professional solutions in the immigrations sector in Canada. Call us now to fix an appointment.


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