Canadian Business Program

Canadian Business Program

The Canadian Business Program offers an opportunity for permanent residence for those interested in doing business in Canada.

Who Can Qualify for a Canada Business Program Visa?

Canada offers numerous opportunities to entrepreneurs from foreign countries wanting to establish their businesses in Canada. Thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs enter the country every year through various programs, including the Canadian Business Program. The program aims to boost investment and employment in the country with the help of people who can invest and run a business in Canada successfully.

Categories of the Canada Business Program Visas

Individuals with managerial expertise or experience in running a business and with a high net-worth are eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence under this program. They can apply in any of these sub-categories:

  • Business investors
  • PNP Business Programs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Immigration
  • Self Employed Persons

Start-Up Visa Investor Program

If you have a plan to move to Canada as an investor, you can try through this program. To qualify, you must:

  • Have a qualifying business
  • Know both English and French (CBL5)
  • Furnish a supporting letter from a designated institution
  • Have financial stability to settle in Canada

Business PNP Programs

Many business investment avenues are available through the PNP programs across the country.


Under the entrepreneurs’ program, the applicant must have a net worth of CAD 600,000 and three years of experience as a business owner. They must invest $200,000 and create at least one full-time job for Canadian citizens.

Entrepreneur Regional Pilot

Under this program, the entrepreneur must have a net worth of $300,000 and be ready to invest $100,000 in any business. They must have a minimum of 51 percent ownership & create at least one full-time job in the local community.

Entrepreneur Program

Entrepreneurs who can create employment opportunities in Canada and help contribute to the country’s economy are encouraged to apply for this program. Successful applicants can start a business in Canada and also gain permanent residence status.


  • Establish a business, purchase, or investment substantially in a business in Canada within two years of coming to the country
  • Must be an active participant in the management of the business
  • Must have at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident on the company rolls
  • The entrepreneurs must report the progress of the business to the immigration officials regularly

Corporate Immigration

Those who already have a business and are looking to expand operations to Canada can apply under this immigration program. Small, medium and large organizations can avail of the opportunity.

Self-Employed Persons Program

This immigration stream is for entrepreneurs capable of starting or purchasing a business in Canada.


  • Must have relevant experience of at least two years experience
  • Must be willing to be self-employed in Canada
  • Satisfy the selection criteria of 35 points) and
  • Comply with security, medical and other conditions

The selection will be based on experience, qualifications, language expertise, age, and adaptability.

Obtaining Canadian immigration under the Business Program offers many key advantages. You need not be fluent in English or French. As a business immigrant, it is also possible that you will be granted permanent resident status unconditionally.

To take advantage of the opportunities, the documents must be appropriately presented, and every stage of the process must be completed. Dev Immigration Services is the best-known name in immigration services in Canada. Contact us now to ensure that the whole process passes off without a glitch. We have helped thousands of business owners and investors to migrate to Canada successfully. Our experienced immigration consultants will analyze your case and suggest the best possible solutions.


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