Business Visitor Visa

Business Visitor Visa

Business owners from other countries traveling to Canada do not require a Canadian work permit in most cases. They are termed as business visitors if the purpose of their visit is to engage in business activities. However, they are not allowed to be a part of the Canadian labor market.

We are one of the leading business immigration consultation services in Canada. Our team has in-depth knowledge about the rules and regulations related to business visitor visa. This page has all the information you need to understand how a business visitor visa works.

As one of the largest and most robust economies of the world, Canada attracts a large number of business visitors to the country every year. Most of these trips are for short terms.

Canada is committed to ensuring that visitors have a pleasant experience on their business trips. Certain business visitors can enter the country to conduct business or trade-related activities without a work permit depending on their nationality and nature of work.

All Business Visitors To Canada Must Demonstrate The Following:

  • They have plans to stay in Canada for less than six months
  • Their business, income, and profits are generated outside Canada
  • They have no plans to enter the Canadian labor market
  • They have adequate funds to stay in Canada for the specific period
  • They have a valid travel document (Passport, etc.)
  • Valid documents support their application
  • They do not pose any criminal, security, or health risks

Business Visitors May Travel To Canada For A Number Of Reasons Such As:

  • To attend business meetings, conferences, and events
  • To purchase goods and/or services for a foreign business or individual
  • To take orders from local businesses for goods and services
  • To provide various types of services
  • To attend training program hosted by their Canadian parent company

Business Visitors To Canada May Require One Of These Documents:

  • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Canada encourages business visitors as it is crucial for the continued growth of the country’s economy. The government believes that Visa reciprocity is essential for its economic success and for laying a solid foundation for the country’s commercial development. That’s why countries with trade agreements and h3 economic partnerships with Canada also make sure business visitors from Canada to their country have a great experience too.

The Following Business Activities May Not Require a Canadian Work Permit

After-Sales and Lease Service

Individuals who come into Canada for repairing, servicing, supervising, and setting up and testing commercial or industrial equipment may not require a Canadian work permit. The exceptions in such cases are hands-on installations done by electricians or fitters on construction sites.

Individuals who visit the country for repairing or servicing specialized equipment purchased or leased outside the country need not apply for a Canadian work permit. The service must be done as a part of the original/extended sales or lease agreement, warranty, or service contract.

A service person visiting Canada to install or provide training on software may be considered a business visitor.

Warranty or Service Agreement

Individuals visiting Canada to fulfill warranty or service agreements are considered business visitors. The agreements/contracts must form part of the original sales or lease or rental agreements for this purpose.

The Following Individuals Do Not Qualify as Business Visitors

When a Canadian employer has directly contracted a non-Canadian company for services, the employee of that company requires a Canadian work permit to carry out such services. The provider does not receive remuneration from a Canadian source and, hence, cannot be considered a business visitor.

Canadian business visitors are allowed to travel anywhere in the country. They can visit friends, family, and relatives and have a wonderful time traveling across the country and enjoying its hospitality.

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