Express Entry

Express Entry is a points-based evaluation online tool for people immigrating to Canada. It allows you to submit a profile and be considered as a skilled migrant.

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Skilled Immigration

A person who is interested in applying for residence under the Skilled Immigration Category may wish to live and settle in Canada permanently.

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Family Sponsorship

Immigration Canada has a range of visas to help spouse, dependent children and parents of Canadian permanent resident or citizen.

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Business Immigration

If you’re an experienced businessperson interested in being self-employed in your own business, then business Immigration visas could be for you.

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Canada PNP Program

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) gives provinces the ability to match immigrants’ skills to provinces employers’ and labor market needs.

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Study in Canada

Canada is becoming No 1 choice for international students seeking quality education. Study Permit is your ticket to studying full-time in Canada

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Work in Canada

Canada offers a range of temporary work visa options that allow you to undertake work and supplement the labour force in the country.

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Temporary Visa Program

Individuals who wish to enter Canada for a temporary purpose, such as visitor, Study or work must apply for and be granted a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

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Quebec Immigration

The province of Quebec administers its own immigration programs and selects immigrants based on selection criteria that is distinct from rest of Canada.

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Pilot Programs

Immigration pilot programs aim to bring foreign nationals to deal with shortage of workers by creating a path for those who wish to settle in Canada.

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Legal Opinion

Understanding where you can go for legal help is an important step when dealing with many issues. We provide you qualified professionals to deal with these.

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Refugee & Asylum

Approved refugees are granted asylum status inside Canada and make their claim at a Canadian port of entry or at an inland Canada Immigration Centre office.

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H & C

Humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) grounds exist when unusual, undeserved or disproportionate hardship would result if the applicant had to leave Canada.

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