Temporary Travel Document

Temporary Travel Document

A temporary travel document is a kind of temporary passport issued by Canada. It has a white cover, with one biodata page and four visa pages. It also has the digitized photo of the passport holder along with the security features.

Issued by a Canadian mission, this eight-page passport is machine-readable and meant to be used for short-term situations only, such as urgent travel situations or for residency. These are issued upon the discretion of the passport or consular officer of the Canadian government.

Do note that this passport is temporary only and can’t be used in lieu of a special, regular, or diplomatic passport. It is issued for your travel’s length only and for a maximum of one year, without any extensions.

Whenever a temporary passport is issued, the holder has to sign a temporary passport exchange agreement which contains information on privileges, rights, and duties.

Also included are details on when it has to be exchanged for a special, regular, or diplomatic passport. This date has to be within two months of signing the agreement. You cannot change the location of the exchange for any reason.

The process

There are several ways in which you can exchange your temporary passport.
These are:

  • You can do so in-person or by mail at the full-service Canadian mission near your location or the mission where you applied for a special, regular, or diplomatic passport.
  • You can visit a passport-issuing authority in Canada where you will have to pay a CAN$ 20 fee.
  • You can do so by mail in Canada. However, you should use a traceable mail delivery system if you are doing so.

In case you are unable to do it by yourself, you can get a third party to do so with your written permission and valid identification.

Travel documents

If you are traveling in the current times, here is a list of documents you will require:

  • Vaccination proof
  • ArriveCAN receipt
  • Pre-entry test results
  • Other travel documents

You must carry valid identification and be able to confirm that you can legally enter Canada.

Information for Residents

If you are traveling abroad, carry a valid Canadian passport. This universally accepted identification document proves you have the right to return to Canada.

In case you are a member of the NEXUS or FAST programs, remember to show your passport and proof of permanent residence if asked for by the officer upon arrival at the border.

Traveling with children and minors

Carry along:

  • Copies of legal custody documents (like custody rights, if applicable)
  • A consent letter if you are not a parent or legal guardian of the minor/share the minor’s custody with a legal guardian or the other parent – this letter should contain the custodial parents’ or legal guardians’ full name, address, and telephone number.

Do arrive in the same vehicle as the minor at the border.

Electronic Travel Authorization

There are some new entry requirements now in effect. Foreign nationals that are exempted from visas require an Electronic Travel Authorization, or eTA, to transit through or fly to Canada.

These nationals include USA citizens and travelers holding valid Canadian visas. Some others are exempted too, under special circumstances.

eTA is not required by citizens of Canada, which are inclusive of dual citizens, and permanent residents of Canada.

  • Before you book a flight to Canada, remember to apply for an eTA.
  • In most cases, the approval comes within minutes.
  • However, some applications may take a few days for processing.

So, don’t dawdle and apply for the eTA well in time.


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