Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories

Whether in Canada or elsewhere, no one can deny the importance of having a good medical care plan.Hospital expenses are almost criminally expensive now and it is vital to be covered in case of medical issues.

Let’s learn a bit about health care plans for different categories of individuals in the Northwest Territories.
The name of Northwest Territories territorial healthcare plan is the NWT Health Care Plan.

Coverage – eligibility and wait time


If you are a student, you are eligible for this plan if you have a Study Permit and you intend to reside in the Northwest Territories for more than 153 days in a year.This coverage is effective for only three months after your entry.You must buy private insurance and apply for it as soon as you come to the Northwest Territories.

Temporary Workers

Temporary workers that have a Work Permit and are intending to reside in the Northwest Territories are eligible for this cover.This cover commences three months post entry into the Northwest Territories. This is the reason why you should buy private insurance immediately post your arrival here.

Permanent Residents

All permanent residents who have established residence in the Northwest Territories are eligible for this cover. It commences three months after the date of your establishing status as a Permanent Resident of the Northwest Territories. For that time period, you should buy your own health insurance.

The Process of Application

In your application, you have to submit proof of status in Canada, such as

  • Northwest Territories residency
  • Status in Canada

Just download the required form. Now, fill it out.
You can apply through:

  • Mail
  • Fax
  • Email

Send your signed form and photocopies of your supporting documents.
If you seek more information, check out the Government of the Northwest Territories website.


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