Canadian Medicare is the name of the publicly funded health system of Canada. This is funded and administered mainly by its 13 territories and provinces.
If you fall into any of the categories mentioned below, you may find yourself eligible for this universal health care plan.
The name of Manitoba’s provincial healthcare plan is Manitoba Health.

Coverage – eligibility and wait time


If you are a student, you are eligible for this plan if you have a Study Permit with a minimum time duration of half a year (six months) and are planning on living in Manitoba for at least six months.
Your coverage is effective for the duration of the study permit.

Temporary Workers

Temporary workers that have a Work Permit of over 12 months (1 year) are eligible for this cover. This cover is valid from the date signed/date of arrival in Manitoba (whichever comes later).

Permanent Residents

All permanent residents who have established residence in Manitoba stand eligible for this cover. It commences upon arrival in Manitoba or once you have obtained Permanent Resident Status, whichever comes later.

The Process of Application

In your application, you have to submit the proof of status in Canada, such as:

  • Student Permit
  • Work Permit
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residency
  • Permanent Residency Card

Just download the required form.Fill it out.

Apply personally to:

  • Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living in Winnipeg
  • Bilingual Service Centre in rural areas

Carry your signed form and the photocopies of all the supporting document(s).
You can visit the Government of Manitoba website if you seek further information.


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